Billionaire God of War Chapter 2205

Chapter 2205

“It’s okay,” said Ethan. “At least, he now has a new understanding of this world.”

Just as Mr Cedric had mentioned, this world was simply too dangerous.

However, the world now wasn’t the same as the world Mr Cedric remembered. Many things have changed over the years. It was obvious that Mr Cedric hadn’t come out for a long time now.

“Master, what should we do now? We have to try and catch him,” said Evan. “We don’t know what someone as powerful as him is capable of after he escapes.”

How could he not be worried?

Mr Cedric was simply too formidable. Since barely anyone could stop him, there would be severe consequences if Mr Cedric wanted to do anything.

Ethan looked into the distance with his profound eyes and could almost see Mr Cedric from behind.

“He knows better than to act rashly.”

Since Mr Cedric had refused to leave the mountain gate, there must be something that he was wary about.

Perhaps it was a particular person.

The things that Mr Cedric said at Clearheart Sect all pointed to this.

He wouldn’t dare to reveal himself easily.

In fact, he probably had to carefully cover his tracks.

Ethan wasn’t too worried. There were rules in the world that didn’t change simply because of one man.

Even if it did, very few people were capable of doing so.

Mr Cedric clearly wasn’t that man.

“Do your job and stay sharp,” ordered Ethan.

“Got it!”

Everyone nodded.

After Ethan left them with some instructions, he headed back to Greencliff.

He didn’t go home immediately. Even though he missed Diane immensely, he had to look for Professor Aronnax now.

At the lab.

Professor Aronnax looked like a lunatic to anybody who didn’t know him.

From the moment he entered the lab, he was a different man. After the eight reclusive clans sent the ancient texts from their clans over, he studied them relentlessly.

“Professor Aronnax works too hard. I told him to take a break, but he refused to.” Tom Foster was clearly powerless.

He led Ethan to the meeting room at the lab, which was packed with books.

There was a step ladder on the side used for accessing books on the higher shelves. Also, there were some notebooks around that were filled with Enoch’s notes.

“Professor Aronnax?” shouted Ethan.

A mountain of books tipped over, and Enoch stuck his head out from the heap of books. He was disheveled and didn’t look like a refined scholar at all.

If no one knew better, they would have assumed he was some homeless man.

“Ethan, you’re here!”

Enoch’s eyes glinted with excitement. Although they were bloodshot, he didn’t seem exhausted at all.

“Perfect. I have some new findings to share with you. This world is simply amazing!”

He couldn’t wait to tell Ethan about his discovery, so he almost tripped when he climbed out from under the pile of books.

Ethan reached his hand out to support him. “Slow down!”

Enoch smiled as he disregarded his image and pulled Ethan’s hand, then headed to the lab.

In comparison to the chaos in the meeting room, the lab was very tidy. All the data, books, or records he had were kept in an orderly and accessible manner.

The conscientious and meticulous lab was a true reflection of Enoch’s personality.

“Look at this!” Enoch raised his head to glance at Tom Foster. “Mind getting me a glass of water? I’m parched.”

He hadn’t drunk water all day, so he was worried that he would have trouble speaking.

Tom Foster hurriedly poured Enoch some water and handed it to him.


Enoch quickly took a few sips. After his throat was much better, he turned on the computer to project his findings on the wall.

“Ethan, look! What’s this?”


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