Billionaire God of War Chapter 2207

Chapter 2207

“This is the only place on earth that can bring different times and spaces together.” Enoch inhaled again.

Anyone else would have taken Enoch as a lunatic after hearing these insane ideas he had. However, Ethan knew that the world was far more complicated than it seemed.

All they could see was just the tip of an iceberg. There were many things on earth that remained hidden from them.

They were only given access to a certain degree of the world.

Ethan said nothing and seemed to be in deep thought.

He looked at the satellite maps on the screen and pointed. “That means this place is currently accessible to us now, and we might be able to verify your theory.”

Enoch nodded.

“But this is an uninhabited zone.” Enoch looked at Ethan. “We don’t know what is in store for us there, so it’s risky for us to enter. Is it worth the risk?”

“In the past, it wouldn’t be worth the risk. However, we have no choice now.” Ethan laughed.

Now that Mr Cedric had left the mountain gate and concealed himself among the people, it was hard to spot him. Also, he wanted to go to the location documented in the Extreme Fist Technique Manual.

He had to go there. Also, he probably wasn’t the only one who wanted to go!

Ethan had to go.

Enoch seemed to read Ethan’s mind.

“Some things are meant to be hidden throughout the ages from people. However, some things have value that cannot be quantified monetarily. Instead, they exist so that we can reflect.”

His words were often philosophical, so it was hard to fathom without paying attention or thinking deeply.

However, Ethan grasped his words.

He nodded. “I get it. Thanks for your hard work, Professor Aronnax.”

“All I am doing is research, so it isn’t all that hard.” Enoch smiled. “You are the one who has to take all the risks here, so it’s my honor to help out.”

Ethan knew what he was driving at.

“Okay. Let me continue with research. I’ll let you know if I discover anything new. Also, let me know before you leave. I’ve prepared something for you.”

“Okay.” Ethan nodded and turned to leave without speaking further.

He knew that he had to enter the place as soon as possible, but for now, he wanted to head home and see Diane as he missed her sorely.

Meanwhile, in an uninhabited zone.

It was uninhabited as it was an impenetrable primeval forest that few people were capable of entering. Also, it was filled with ferocious wild beasts and was a complete labyrinth.

All electronic devices lost signal in here, so it was impossible to find their way in there.

Despite the advancement in technology, no one was capable of exploring this zone. Since some unusual things happened here, everyone assumed this uninhabited zone was completely bereft of human life.

However, there was human life in the forest.

In the depths of the forest, an ancient castle stood solitarily at the foot of a mountain so that it was invisible from above.

It seemed empty inside the dimly lit ancient castle, and it gave off an eerie aura.

The place seemed completely void of life as though no human resided here.

“He’s back,” a voice suddenly echoed throughout the corridor.

“He’s back…”

“He’s back…”

The voice was so creepy that it would send tingles down anyone’s back.

The hoarse voice was somewhat deep. It sounded as though something was stuck in the speaker’s throat, so the voice trembled with every word and left the air vibrating!


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