Billionaire God of War Chapter 2208

Chapter 2208

The place was dark and spooky and gave people the creeps, so it was unimaginable for someone to reside here.

Even the air in the corridor leading inside the castle felt so stifled that it was hard to breathe.

The more the corridor progressed, the further underground it seemed to go.

Finally, some light could be sensed from candles on the wall that was giving off dark blue flames!

The space was so huge that it felt uplifting.

Lo and behold, at the center of the hall was a coffin!

It was completely black with gold embedded on all four corners and gave off an eerie feeling.

What was this strange coffin doing here?

The coffin was large enough for five or six people. It sat firmly on the ground while the bricks around it seemed crooked. They had clearly been struck by something.

The coffin suddenly moved slowly. The sound was so shrill that it felt painful to hear.

The non stop creaking sounded utterly jarring to the ear.

If anyone was present, just the sound alone was enough to petrify them.

A hand reached out from the coffin and slowly opened its lid.

“How dare he come back?”

A man’s silhouette sat up in the coffin. Since it was too dim, it was impossible to see his features. However, his deep hoarse voice made the atmosphere instantly turn cold.

He stepped out of the coffin to stand on the ground without even wearing his shoes. Even though every step he took was slow, he walked with the weight of a mountain.

His footsteps were so hard that it made the slate shatter!

“But it’s good that he’s back, it’s good that he’s back…”

An airy voice echoed in the atmosphere.


Meanwhile, Ethan had arrived home.

Each day without Diane was like three years. He thought about her as often even when she was around. They were such an unbearably sticky couple.

“Did I put on weight?” Diane squeezed the flesh on her waist and frowned. “Look at all this meat!”

“Silly girl, it’s all for the sake of our kid.” Ethan smiled as he spoke, “I don’t think you’re fat at all. You’re perfect.”

He reached his hand out to pull Diane into his arms tenderly.

There was probably nothing in the world as blissful as seeing the love of your life bear your child.

“Hubby,” said Diane solemnly all of a sudden. “I feel as though nothing can scare me anymore.”

Ethan glanced at her before he laughed softly without saying a word.

In the past, Diane was innocent and sometimes childish, but determined and kind. Now that she was filled with maternal love, she became even stronger.

She was no longer someone who only needed Ethan’s protection. Now, she had a child to protect and she even had to protect her man.

Ethan stroked Diane’s hair gently. “There’s nothing for you to fear.”

“Uh huh.”

The two of them leaned against each other as they sat on the bench to watch the sunset.


Someone coughed from behind.

“Sorry, but I have something urgent to report.” Tom Foster stood at a distance and smiled. “Also, Diane, it’s time for you to have your soup, so your mother is asking for you.”

Diane crinkled her nose. This was the reason for all the weight she was putting on.


Ethan helped her up. Now that she was very far into her pregnancy, her belly was huge, and she had to pay extra attention when she walked.

“It’s fine. It’s just a few steps, so I can manage.” Diane smiled.

She knew Ethan had more important things to take care of.

“Slowly now,” said Ethan.

He watched as Diane headed back into the house before he turned to say, “Are we ready?”

“Yes, we are, Big Boss.” Tom Foster nodded. “They are in the backyard.”


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