Billionaire God of War Chapter 2209

Chapter 2209

“That is a primeval forest that no one has ever entered before. All electronic devices are useless there, so you have to rely on yourself.”

Tom Foster couldn’t help feeling worried. It was a mysterious, unexplored region, where many strange things had happened, so it felt void of life and impossible to enter.

“I’ll be careful,” said Ethan. “Try to help Enoch as much as you can. I think he might have new discoveries.”

He felt that the Extreme Fist Technique Manual wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Enoch’s knowledge of it was probably just the tip of the iceberg. More research had to be done to obtain more clues about it.

“Don’t worry. I will.” Tom Foster nodded solemnly.

Ethan didn’t go on talking. Instead, he headed to the backyard where Brother Geoff and the others were waiting.

They were now so well-trained that they had completely changed.

There was a determined look on their faces. No one else could compare to them. After surviving so many storms and wars, they had become incredibly strong.

“The car will take us to the airport, where a private flight will take us to the closest airport before we can move in.”

Those were the arrangements for their trip.

Ethan looked at them. “It might be a little dangerous, so just be careful.”

“Yes, Big Boss!’ shouted everyone in unison.

“Let’s go!”

Everyone got into the car and went straight to Greencliff Airport at Ethan’s order.

A private plane awaited them at the airport to take them to the city closest to the primeval forest.

Ethan had a feeling that they were getting closer and closer to the origins of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual. However, he didn’t know if it would do them any good to know.

Perhaps he would have to pay the price to learn the truth, so all he could do was minimize the damage and do his best to protect everyone.

The plane flew straight from Greencliff to their destination. Ethan sat on the plane without closing his eyes to rest.

He rarely pondered so deeply on one single subject in his life.

Mr Cedric’s appearance and the things he said were clear that this world wasn’t as simple as they thought. There were many things they were not privy to and had to learn.

It was like a pandora’s box. The moment it was opened, no one knew what would escape from it.

He felt worried because everything was unknown.

“I think something about me has changed,” muttered Ethan when he snapped out of his daze.

He used to be fearless and never retreated even when he fought the most formidable foes, but he felt his priorities had changed now.

Diane’s smile and their unborn child emerged in his head along with his family and friends. Each and every face was looking at him hopefully.

In the past, he only cared about Diane, but now he had far more concerns on his mind.

“We’re here, Big Boss,” said Brother Geoff by his ear.

Ethan turned his head. The plane had started to land.

“Big Boss, are you okay,” Brother Geoff couldn’t help asking.

He could tell that there was something different about Ethan. “You miss Boss Diane already?”

“Is it that obvious?” Ethan looked at Brother Geoff.

“Uh huh. It’s written all over your face.” Brother Geoff nodded.

It was all too clear to him.

“Don’t worry, Big Boss. You will make it back in one piece. We will protect you well!”

Ethan laughed before he deeply inhaled and tossed all distractions to the back of his mind.

“All of us will make it back safely.” Ethan patted Brother Geoff’s shoulder before he turned to look at the others. “Get ready to move!”


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