Billionaire God of War Chapter 2214

Chapter 2214

The barbarian’s eyes kept looking at Ethan and the others from behind until they disappeared.

It was only then that the barbarian walked out of the bush. Thick hair had grown all over his body and had been left unattended for years.

“A barbarian?” He laughed as he lowered his head to look at himself and grabbed his hair and beard. “I can’t believe someone called me that.

He didn’t expect anyone to come since no ordinary people could enter.

“I finally get to see the light of the day,” sighed the barbarian deeply. “How dare that asshole come back? Times are going to get chaotic again.”


Ethan and the others left the primeval forest.

He turned to look at the dark and dense forest worriedly.

Who was that barbarian? Ethan could sense he was no ordinary man.

Also, did that coffin in the ancient castle belong to the barbarian?

“Let’s head back for treatment first,” said Ethan.

He looked at the forest deeply before he ignored the barbarian and left with Brother Geoff and the others.

It was enough that Ethan had confirmed the markings in the manual were a map. He didn’t want any other unnecessary sacrifices.

Very quickly, Ethan took care of their injuries before boarding the flight back to Greencliff.

Meanwhile, in the depths of the forest, the barbarian headed back to the ancient castle. He walked underground and looked at his coffin with a concerned look on his face.

He didn’t know how much time had gone by. His slumber seemed particularly long.

“It’s time for it to start again,” he muttered. “I wonder how many people will die this time.”

He reached his hand to touch the coffin gently with a look of self-deprecation.

“This coffin probably won’t go to waste.” He laughed the moment he finished his sentence.

He bent over, retrieved something from the coffin, and stuffed it in his chest before he strode off without hesitation from this huge ancient castle.


Meanwhile, in a secluded place.

Even Mr Cedric didn’t know where he was.

He was gravely injured.

It was already very impressive that he was capable of surviving the amount of explosives that Brother Geoff and the others had ambushed him with before Evan came with his men to hunt him down. Mr Cedric never felt so indignant in his life, and he had lived a very long life now.

“This world has certainly changed, but it is still equally dangerous.” He deeply inhaled before he took care of his injuries.

It was an astounding feat that Mr Cedric was capable of escaping in one piece under those circumstances.

“Cough cough cough!”

He coughed violently several times. After recuperating for a few days, he was now able to move.

He raised his head to look into the distance sternly.

“Those old geezers in the western region must know I’m back.” Mr Cedric gritted his teeth. “If I have to activate it, then let’s do it.”

“Everyone will have to pray they have the good fortune of surviving. In any case, I don’t care how chaotic the world ends up becoming!” A fierce look flashed in Mr Cedric’s eyes.

He didn’t expect the world to change so immensely or for someone as powerful as Ethan to appear under such conditions.

If he hadn’t escaped quickly enough, he was done for if Ethan caught up with him.

“I can’t believe how powerful the Extreme Fist Technique actually is. Why didn’t we figure it out back in the day?”

He sneered without genuinely taking it to heart.

The location documented in the manual was more important to them. Once he got there, they could gain true enlightenment in martial arts and get to the place they wanted to go so as to gain the thing they held most dear.

Mr Cedric tossed aside all distractions and slowly closed his eyes. Now was not the time to think about this. It would be a battle between masters when the doors to the passageway were opened, and Ethan had no right to interfere.

What he wanted to do was to enter that place and get the very thing that would be able to save the person he wanted to save.


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