Billionaire God of War Chapter 2217

Chapter 2217

The barbarian didn’t say a word as he grabbed the cup of tea and guzzled it. He wasn’t savoring the tea at all. In fact, his thirst appeared unquenched after he had emptied the first cup of tea in a single shot. He grabbed the teapot and drank everything.

He kept his other hand busy as well, grabbing pastries and shoving them into his mouth like the barbarian he looked.

Ethan didn’t seem put off at all. He didn’t seem to mind the stench coming from the barbarian and instead thought that this mysterious and powerful fighter reminded him of Peter Pan.

He behaved like a boy who never grew up and who was quick to anger. Ethan found him extremely fascinating.

He had been prepared to fight to the death. But as soon as they had exchanged their first blows, Ethan had realized, without a doubt, that the barbarian had no intention to kill him or anyone else.

He had simply been eager to have some fun.

“Do you have meat?” The barbarian threw a glance at Ethan after he was done with the pastries. “I’ve not eaten meat for a very long time.”

“We do,” said Ethan. “We have all sorts of meat.”

He immediately summoned someone to send instructions to the kitchen. Chicken, duck, beef, lamb. Steamed, fried and roasted. The chef was to whip up a dish for everything. He told them to bring them some good wine as well.

The barbarian tucked into the sumptuous meal merrily, his fingers shining with grease as he clutched his cup of wine and emptied it.

Fortunately, he was a decent man and did not ask Ethan if there were women available for his enjoyment too.

Having eaten and drunk his fill, the barbarian released a loud burp, then eyed the mess on the table. The food could have fed a dozen men and he had eaten it all, like some ravenous ghost who had just come across food!

The barbarian smacked his lips. One could hardly see his expression through the thick beard on his face. His eyes though, which kept staring at Ethan, told Ethan that the barbarian was a little drunk.

He should be. He had two or three liters of sorghum liquor, with an alcohol content of 53%!

Even a bull would have been drunk at this point.

“Well, I’ve eaten and drunk from your stores. I should do something for you,” the barbarian said slowly. “I don’t like to owe anyone anything.”

Ethan smiled and didn’t say anything.

He wouldn’t mind feeding the man a little more if this counted as a favor.

The barbarian scratched his beard. “Why don’t I help you kill someone?”

Ethan’s pupils contracted slightly when he heard that.

“Do you have any idea who I want killed?”

“Of course,” said the other man. “What a coincidence. I want him dead too. I’ll be doing both of us a favor by killing him.”

Their eyes met. Ethan realized immediately that the barbarian wasn’t drunk at all. He was, in fact, extremely sober.

“Well, I’ll thank the esteemed senior then.” Ethan cupped his fists and thanked the man.

The barbarian waved it off and laughed softly. “I mean, I know it’s only a matter of time before you become strong enough to kill him. That’s why I have to do it soon, before you can! Then…I’ll kill the rest!”

Ethan’s heart skipped a beat. There were others?

There was no hint of emotion on his face. He appeared unaffected by what the barbarian had just said. But the latter wouldn’t stop staring at Ethan, as if he was trying to catch every glimpse of emotion flickering across the man’s face.

But he saw nothing.

“The esteemed senior has been living in seclusion for a very long time. The world outside is an exciting place, filled with many new and wondrous things. I believe you’ll like it very much.”

“You can give me a tour,” said the barbarian bluntly.

“Would the esteemed senior be kind enough to share his name with me?”

The barbarian froze. He smacked his head, then shook it hard, as if confusion had suddenly seized him.

“I’ve forgotten it. I’ll tell you when I remember.”


Ethan did not pursue the matter and instead summoned Tom Foster.

“Call for Tony and have him give the esteemed senior a haircut and a shave. Arrange for a bath so that our guests can unwind.”

“Yes, Big Boss.” Tom Foster threw a glance at the barbarian before nodding.

Powerful fighters like the man before him carried themselves differently. He had no idea what Ethan had planned for the barbarian, but he knew that he simply had to do what he was told.

After a haircut and a shave, followed by a luxurious bath and a change of some clean and fitting clothes, the barbarian emerged a completely different man.

The look in his eyes was lively and spirited. His eyes looked exactly like those of a child.

“So, that’s how I look.”


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