Billionaire God of War Chapter 2218

Chapter 2218

The barbarian stared at his reflection in the mirror and found it unfamiliar and foreign.

He reached out and touched his face, his eyes shimmering as he tried to remember if this were the face of his memories. He tugged lightly at his ears, trying to make sure that he wasn’t wearing a mask.

It took him a while before he finally concluded that this was indeed his face.

“Do you need to rest?” asked Ethan as he stood by the side.

“It’s fine. I’ve slept for decades. I don’t need more sleep.” The man waved the suggestion aside before turning towards Ethan and glaring suddenly. “Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“Why should I be?” asked Ethan.

“Aren’t you afraid that I might go on a killing spree and kill everyone here? They’re not going to be able to stop me,” snorted the barbarian with a hint of pride in his voice.

His every gesture appeared childish. If not for the traces of age on his face and the white in his hair, Ethan would have thought him an actual kid.

“You’re not a cruel man who kills innocents without reason,” said Ethan. “The person who cut your hair and shaved your beard is a kid in his twenties who hasn’t had the chance to get married and have kids himself. Do you really have the heart to kill him and have him die with regret? The folks who brought you to the bath and gave you a massage, who drank and chatted with you, who served you and tailored your clothes are all ordinary men and women. Do you really have the heart to kill them?”

The barbarian shrugged in annoyance.

“I was just joking. You’re such a bore, preaching incessantly at me. How annoying!” He glared at Ethan. “But you’re right. I don’t kill ordinary people. If I’m going to kill anyone, it’s going to be you. It’s more fun.”

The murderous air that had emanated from the barbarian was suddenly replaced by a mischievous and playful tone.

Ethan smiled and didn’t speak further.

His veneer of composure belied the notes of wary caution that he harbored against the barbarian. This was an incredible powerful fighter after all. Ethan was probably the only man who was his match outside the mountain.

If the barbarian truly intended to go on a killing spree, Greencliff would be transformed into rivers of blood and mountains of corpses.

Ethan made the necessary precautions and did not shadow the barbarian. Instead, he allowed the man to roam freely.

Everyone around him appeared to be slightly cowed by the barbarian at first and dared not approach him. But after some time, they realized that the barbarian harbored no ill will towards them and soon grew curious about the man.

He might be quick to anger and merciless with his words, but he didn’t attack them. He clearly knew that he shouldn’t attack these harmless, ordinary folks.

“What’s he doing right now?” asked Ethan when he saw Tom Foster enter the room.

There was a strange look on Tom Foster’s face. He appeared hesitant.

“Come on, spill it.”

“He’s in the courtyard playing marbles with a few kids.”

Ethan froze momentarily before he turned and stared at Tom Foster. He thought he must have misheard the other man. Playing marbles?

The incredibly powerful fighter was sprawling on the ground playing marbles with a bunch of kids?

“He’s really good at it. He’s sent a few kids into tears because of how many times he’s won the game. He just laughs at them when they cry.”

Tom Foster found himself at a loss for words when it came to the barbarian.

He wasn’t what Tom Foster thought powerful fighters should look like or behave.

“He’s just like Peter Pan.” Ethan narrowed his eyes. “Keep an eye on him and don’t let your guard down. We’ve got a strange and powerful fighter newly arrived in Greencliff. We can’t afford to drop our guard.”

“Got it.” Tom Foster nodded. “Where is he from?”

“I have no idea.” Ethan shook his head. “But I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.”

Peter Pan was at least Mr Cedric’s equal. At least, that was what Ethan had gathered from their recent exchange of blows. But men like them could easily conceal the true extent of their abilities.

Mr Cedric had been a terrifying character who had managed to gain control over sect leaders in the mountain with a single look.

Peter Pan had been sleeping in the uninhabited castle and who knew how long he had been asleep? Terrible monsters were emerging out of nowhere one after another. Ethan had no idea if that boded ill or well for them all.


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