Billionaire God of War Chapter 2219

Chapter 2219

At the moment, it appeared that Mr Cedric had some ulterior motives of his own while Peter Pan didn’t seem to like Mr Cedric.

For the time being, he was going to count his enemy’s enemy as his friend. But Ethan wasn’t going to trust Peter Pan that easily until he had done a detailed background check on the latter.

Peter Pan ended up taking temporary residence at the Extreme Martial Arts Academy.

He wasn’t bothered that Ethan had arranged for numerous powerful fighters to take up residence in the vicinity or that the man had surrounded the academy with hordes of men. Should he display any untoward behavior, these men would stop him with their lives.

At least, that was what Peter Pan believed would happen.

This was a city that showed great unity and teamwork for the sake of protecting ordinary men and women.

Peter Pan might seem like a child who was playful and temperamental, but he wasn’t an idiot.

In fact, he would get a few men to follow him around when he wanted to get out and have a walk around the city.

“Come along! That fellow’s going to be worried if you don’t keep an eye on me. Hurry up, there won’t be anything left to eat if we’re late! Look at you! Kids run faster than you do. Did you not have breakfast or something?”

If he were the kid he had been comparing them to, then few men could catch up with him.

Peter Pan had his fill of fun and games. He didn’t manage to become fast friends with the disciples or sect leaders in the academy. Instead, he became great friends with their children and grandchildren.

He was the epitome of the storybook character, Peter Pan, a kid who had not grown up. Yet, no one dared to tease him for it. This was the man who had called a sixty-year-old sect leader a kid. Who would dare to call him a child?

Meanwhile, Ethan had instructed Butler Zed to activate his information network and keep a lookout on the rest of the world.

Worried that something might slip past him, he got Winston to keep his eye on the war in the Middle East as well.

Mr Cedric’s whereabouts were currently unknown. After being severely injured, he must require some time to heal and recuperate. But Ethan was convinced that the man wasn’t going to stay in hiding quietly while waiting for his injuries to recover.

He must know that Peter Pan was out there, trying to kill him.

A sly fox like Mr Cedric wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing.

As Ethan had expected, Mr Cedric had no plans to stand by and watch. He had decided to return to the mountain and was prepared to fight Peter Pan.

In fact, the others, including those other old geezers, must know that he had returned.

He would have returned sooner if he hadn’t been worried about these old geezers.

But he had no choice now but to return to the mountain. He might have betrayed these men and made them pay a heavy price for their trust in him, and returning to the mountain might be akin to tempting death, but he had to.

“One has awakened.”

Mr Cedric opened his eyes. The injuries he had sustained were recovering swiftly and at a pace that the ordinary man would find incredulous.

He stretched his limbs. His injuries were sufficiently healed that he could now fight without any problems.

“There’s a few more to go, but it’s probably going to take some time for them to wake up. What a coincidence though. It’s as if the gods themselves have willed it so,” the man said with a laugh that was colored with scorn and derision. “Fortunately, the one who woke up lost his memories. He probably doesn’t remember who he is.”

But Mr Cedric knew that he definitely remembered who Mr Cedric was and remembered that he had to kill him.

He got up. With his ordinary looking face, no one would sense his presence when he was walking amongst a crowd.

He put on another mask. The one that he had on had been destroyed in the explosion. His current mask had pale skin and dark blue eyes. He looked like a golden-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian.

Mr Cedric stepped out of the forest and headed for the biggest city in North America. He found the biggest underground organization.

The casino was filled with thick cigarette smoke that stung, then swiftly numbed one’s sense of smell.

“Who are you looking for?” Someone stepped forward and questioned Mr Cedric as soon as he stepped into the casino. It was a private casino that served only members of their organization. “Outsiders aren’t allowed here. Where are the guards? Are they all dead? Why didn’t they stop him?”

Mr Cedric reached out and seized the man by his neck. His voice was raspy when he spoke. “I’m looking for the man in charge.”


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