Billionaire God of War Chapter 2224

Chapter 2224

Like a race car speeding into the distance, Mr Cedric left in his wake thick rising smoke as well as gasps of shock as people wondered what had passed them. Was that a beast? It was terrifying.

The speed at which Mr Cedric was traveling was so fast that it seemed inhumane. He seemed to have transformed into something else entirely.

The primeval jungle was located quite near the city. It could be reached by car within half an hour, but Mr Cedric was clearly a lot faster than the average car.

He was like a monster.

He soon reached the edge of the jungle. He stared at the luxuriant flora and fauna, his face slightly upraised and his eyes narrowed.

His nose twitched slightly.

“I think I just caught your scent.” A strange smile twisted his lips. “I must have guessed right.”

He took one step forward and disappeared into the jungle.

Meanwhile, in Greencliff.

Ethan was at home, watching Diane nap.

He watched his lovely wife lay quietly in bed. Resting under her swollen belly was his own kid. The happiness that he felt was indescribable.

He watched her quietly. How he wished he could do this forever.

He couldn’t get enough of it.

The door to the room slid open gently without a sound. In spite of the silence, Ethan could sense that someone had entered the room.

He turned his head and saw Tom Foster waving him over quietly. His lips were moving soundlessly. He had something to tell Ethan.

Ethan pulled the sheets over Diane, turned away and walked out. He shut the door gently behind him.

“Any updates?”

“The situation remains the same in New Mexico. Nothing’s changed. But Peter Pan seems to be going a little crazy.”

Tom Foster looked slightly concerned.

Peter Pan was like a timebomb waiting to explode. He was incredibly powerful. No one except Ethan was his match. In addition, he was a hot-tempered amnesiac who behaved like a child.

Tom Foster wouldn’t have been as worried if he were a normal child, but he wasn’t. No one had come across a child as terrifying as Peter Pan.

“Something’s not right with him. You should go take a look.”

Ethan was the only person who could deal with the man.


Ethan headed for the Extreme Martial Arts Academy without any delay.

Peter Pan was scratching his head fervently and pacing in the courtyard. He seemed to be on the verge of madness.

“What is it? What is it? What is it that he’s looking for?” He smacked his head hard. He seemed like an absolute lunatic. “Why can’t I remember?”

Ivan and the others stared at him from afar and dared not approach the man. They knew how powerful the old man was. Except Ethan, none of them were his match.

In fact, Ethan had instructed them not to fight Peter Pan if the latter were to go crazy. He told them to let him be and keep their distance from the man.

Peter Pan wouldn’t stop pacing like an ant on a pan of hot oil. He was growing increasingly agitated and seemed on the verge of losing control of himself.

He smacked his head hard and repeatedly. Anyone else receiving that hard a blow would have died.

“What is it? What the hell is it? What is he looking for? What in the world is he looking for?”

Everyone simply stared at him.

“Tell everyone to get ready to evacuate. No one is to provoke him,” whispered Ivan.

They had no idea how old the man was. Regardless, he was definitely a lot older than they were. In fact, they were probably mere children to Peter Pan. The thought of that was terrifying.

As everyone fretted silently, Ethan finally arrived.

He nodded towards Ivan and the others, indicating that they should leave, before he made his way towards Peter Pan.

“Esteemed senior,” Ethan said. “Please calm down.”

Peter Pan looked up and stared Ethan straight in the eye. Then, he glared at the man and thundered. “Stop bothering me!”


Before Ethan was done talking, Peter Pan had struck and sent his fist flying towards Ethan.


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