Billionaire God of War Chapter 2225

Chapter 2225

A fist was flung at Ethan’s head.

Alarm colored the faces of Ivan and the rest. The lunatic was out of his mind!

Ethan raised his arm and threw a punch that collided with Peter Pan’s hard.

Peter Pan stumbled back two steps. Ethan remained firm on his feet.

“You!” The old man widened his eyes and pointed an angry finger at Ethan. “Did you just hit me back?”

“Please calm down,” said Ethan. “Don’t try to make yourself remember if you can’t. You’re going to drive yourself mad.”

Peter Pan was so furious his beard had puffed up. He could hear the slight teasing in Ethan’s words.

“You’re the one who’s driving me mad!” he cursed out loud.

But he did not attack Ethan again.

He wasn’t going to get anything out of fighting Ethan anyway, so he couldn’t be bothered.

He might be an amnesiac and he might behave like a kid, but he wasn’t an idiot.

“But you don’t have to worry about dying from sheer anger. You’re all set. You have a coffin waiting for you too.”

Ethan was relentless.

Peter Pan froze on the spot. His eyes were as wide as saucers and the look on his face was filled with disbelief.

“What’s wrong?”

Ethan raised his guard. He had no idea what had suddenly come over Peter Pan. What was that look on his face?

The old man didn’t give any heads up at all before he flew into a crazy fit.

“My coffin!” Peter Pan shouted without any warning.

“What happened to your coffin?”

“My coffin!”

A murderous glow filled Peter Pan’s eyes.

He whipped his head up suddenly and stared at Ethan. The sound that came out of his mouth next sounded like a beast’s growl. “That bastard. He’s looking for my coffin!”

He began to emanate a murderous aura, as if he couldn’t wait to kill Mr Cedric.

“That scoundrel! He has his eye on my coffin!”

Peter Pan charged out immediately.

Ethan immediately realized what was going on.

He remembered the copper coffin resting at the bottom of the lake in the northern region inside the mountain.

Peter Pan had emerged from an ancient black coffin himself. Ethan couldn’t believe that it hadn’t hit him then, that they had all been coffins.

“Keep an eye on Greencliff!” Ethan yelled before going after Peter Pan.

Mr Cedric was looking for Peter Pan’s coffin. He had no idea what was so special about the coffin. Could it be…

He had some ideas, but they remained guesses at this point.

Without wasting any time, Ethan led Peter Pan to the primeval jungle.

Meanwhile, Mr Cedric had stopped before the edge of a boundary.

Ahead of him were the deeper parts of the jungle. He could not enter those parts.

“I knew it. Without the map on the manual, I cannot enter this place.”

He narrowed his eyes, then snorted lightly. He took one step forward. His path was immediately blocked by a tree. He took one step to the side. Another tree stood in his path.

Regardless which way he went, he would find a tree standing in his path, stopping him from taking another step forward.

He knew what this was.

“I always get what I want.”

Mr Cedric laughed cruelly, madly, then pulled out a pouch. It was filled with black blood of unknown origins.

An intense pungent smell erupted from the pouch when he opened it.

Mr Cedric poured the blood on the tree, pressed his palms together and began to mutter unintelligibly. After a long moment, he opened his eyes and stomped his foot on the ground hard.

A series of explosions erupted instantly, sending dust and dirt flying in the air.

The towering trees before him were instantly snapped into two and crashed onto the ground with a deafening thud.

The earth shook violently. The giant trees had crashed into its neighboring trees and leveled the area. It was only upon their collapse that one realized how tall they had been. These trees were hundreds of meters tall.

The explosions continued. Mr Cedric narrowed his eyes and waited quietly.

“How did you think I managed to nearly kill you then?” he said smugly.


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