Billionaire God of War Chapter 2226

Chapter 2226

The thick smoke gradually dissipated.

Most of the trees around Mr Cedric had fallen and now lay sprawling on the ground. An icy glint flashed across Mr Cedric’s eyes as he inspected the ruins before him.

He strode over the fallen trees and, like an extremely nimble monkey, headed swiftly into the jungle.

Meanwhile, a plane had just landed at an airport.

Peter Pan could hardly wait.

“I’ve made arrangements for transport,” said Ethan. “Just hold on for a while longer.”

“I can’t wait any longer!” Peter Pan bellowed. He wasn’t going to wait for a car. He took one step and then dashed into the distance, moving so swiftly that he looked like a blur.

Ethan’s pupils contracted! That was fast!

He doubted that a car could catch up with Peter Pan.

Was he still human?

Peter Pan left dust in his wake as he charged ahead like a human-shaped tornado, slamming into a tree and knocking it down instantly. Within a blink of an eye, he was gone.

“Is he…still human?”

Brother Geoff swallowed audibly. The sight he had just witnessed was something that was beyond his human comprehension.

His receptivity to the strange and extraordinary had strengthened after so many years with Ethan. The man was a freak who constantly challenged their understanding of what was human. But what he had just seen had once again surpassed his understanding of the human limit.

The other men turned and stared at Ethan, who said nothing.

He could sense something.

It reminded him of the lake in the northern region inside the mountain, when he had been able to walk on water when he had focused his energies on his feet. That feeling…

Ethan moved suddenly before Brother Geoff could say a word. Like Peter Pan, he had taken one step and dashed forward at a speed that surpassed that of lightning.

Within a blink of an eye, he had vanished.

Brother Geoff and the rest stared dumbly into the distance.


What technique had that been? Did Ethan know it too?

The men exchanged looks with one another. They had a feeling that Ethan had somehow moved onto another world altogether while they had lost complete sight of the man as they remained stuck in this world.

“I’m afraid we’re not going to be able to catch up with them,” Brother Geoff said frankly.

They knew their capabilities. They had reached the limits of their abilities when they had surpassed the level of the grandmaster.

An advanced grandmaster would find them a challenge to defeat if they were to join forces and employ strategic tactics during battle. But when it came to fighters of Ethan’s league, they knew that they were completely outmatched. These fighters were out of their league.

No matter how hard they worked, they would never become as powerful as Ethan.

Brother Geoff and the rest weren’t upset by that fact. They knew that it had nearly taken a miracle for them to become as powerful as they were now. They were content to simply do their best and protect Greencliff.

The car had arrived.

“Let’s go!”

Everyone got into the car and headed in the direction that Ethan and Peter Pan had gone.

Two tornadoes had arrived at the edge of the primeval jungle. The sight of the tornadoes sent terror coursing through one’s veins.

There was no way anyone could’ve known that these were two people!

Peter Pan and Ethan raced into the jungle and arrived at the giant trees within no time.

Peter Pan’s face darkened with fury when he saw the fallen trees.

“I’m going to kill you!”

His eyes were colored with a murderous rage. He seemed to have remembered something. In fact, his memories seemed to be coming back to him. Hate churned in his guts.

There was no time for Ethan to say anything. Instead, he headed immediately for Peter Pan.

The old man left a trail of destruction behind him, knocking down everything in his path. Nothing could stop him.

An intense and terrifying air of fury emanated from the man.

It did not take them long to arrive at the ancient castle. Peter Pan was a blur of shadows as he dashed into the castle.

“How dare you touch my coffin! I’m going to kill you!”

Ethan heard Peter Pan’s furious roar and entered the castle as well.

In the underground hall, before Peter Pan’s coffin, stood a man.

He had a different face, but that didn’t stop Ethan from recognizing who he was. He was Mr Cedric.

He had appeared!

“You sure took your time,” said Mr Cedric with a smile as he eyed Peter Pan.


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