Billionaire God of War Chapter 2228

Chapter 2228

Ethan rushed towards Peter Pan immediately. The old man had passed out. His mouth and nose were filled with blood.

The coffin had been damaged by Mr Cedric. Broken pieces of wood littered the ground.

What was going on here?

“Senior?” Ethan shouted, but Peter Pan did not respond to his call.

He had not expected a powerful man like Peter Pan with such a fatal weakness. The man had collapsed when the coffin had been hit. What else did the scoundrel Mr Cedric know?

“Big Boss!” Brother Geoff and the others finally arrived.

“Hurry up! Bring him back to Greencliff. The coffin as well. I want every piece of the coffin brought back to Greencliff. Make sure nothing gets left behind!”

“Yes, sir!”

Brother Geoff had not expected the fight to have ended before they had arrived. In fact, he had not expected it to end in such a manner.

Ethan carried Peter Pan into the car immediately and brought him back to Greencliff. Brother Geoff and the others remained in the castle, carefully collecting the remains of the coffin without missing a single piece before returning to Greencliff.

No one had expected such an outcome.

Ethan knew what Peter Pan was capable of. If they had teamed up, Mr Cedric wouldn’t have had the chance to escape.

But he had not expected Peter Pan to have a weakness. The coffin seemed to be connected to his body in some fashion. Damage to the coffin had caused injury to Peter Pan as well.

None of them dared to waste a single minute as they hurried back to Greencliff and to the Extreme Martial Arts Academy.

Ethan immediately called for a doctor to examine Peter Pan’s injuries.

“He’s seriously injured. But there’s something strange about this injury. There are no visible physical symptoms but his heart appears to have weakened significantly.” The doctor frowned as he stared at the screen on his medical equipment. Then, he raised his eyebrow. “Hold on a minute.”

The readings on the medical equipment indicated that Peter Pan’s heart rate was steadily resuming normalcy. In fact, it was recovering at an exponential rate.

“He seems alright now.”

The doctor was dumbfounded.

After all, he had barely made his diagnosis and, in fact, had been prepared to tell Ethan that he would find a way to identify where Peter Pan was hurt a moment ago. But a moment later, the injuries on Peter Pan had vanished without a trace.

Had he just recovered on his own?

“Where am I?”

Peter Pan opened his eyes to the sight of a white ceiling and shielded his eyes from the glare instinctively with his hand.

“You can leave us now,” Ethan told the doctor. “How are you feeling?”

Ethan stared at Peter Pan. He could tell from the look in Peter Pan’s eyes that something had changed.

“Who are you?”

Peter Pan gave Ethan a look before squinting his eyes slightly, as if he were trying to recall who this man was. The memories in his head seemed a little jumbled up. It was going to take some time before he could make sense of them.

“I’m Ethan,” said Ethan. “Have you lost your memory again?”

Peter Pan’s amnesia seemed like a randomized event that could happen anytime and anywhere. The things that he forgot seemed different every time.

He smacked his head like one would something old and defective, as if a hard hit would make it work again.

“Ethan? The young guy who knows the Extreme Fist Technique?”

Ethan nodded.

“I remember. I remember you now.” Peter Pan shook his head and smacked himself on the forehead lightly. “I remember. You came to my castle and came across my coffin…my coffin!”

Everything seemed to be coming back to him now. He sat up straight. “My coffin! Is it ruined?”

He stared at Ethan.

Ethan nodded. “Mr Cedric smashed it with a single blow. I brought it back to Greencliff.”

Peter Pan jumped out of bed immediately. The look on his face didn’t resemble that of rage at all. He seemed indignant and pained.

He followed Ethan to the courtyard.

His coffin was laid out in the hall. A few engineers were studying it in detail.

They greeted Ethan respectfully when they saw him. “Mr. Hunt, we can fix it. But we need the elderly gentleman to help us out with some minor parts of its repairs.”

Ethan nodded, then turned towards Peter Pan.


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