Billionaire God of War Chapter 2231

Chapter 2231

Peter Pan’s appearance was something else that seemed out of this world.

Ethan felt as if he had opened a Pandora’s box. No one could predict what was going to pop out of the box next.

“Professor Enoch Aronnax will let me know if he’s discovered something important.” Ethan shook his head. “Keep an eye on him and provide him with everything that he needs.”

“Yes, sir!” Tom Foster nodded.

“I’ll head home now.” The look in Ethan’s eyes softened. “The baby’s due soon. I’m afraid I can’t leave Greencliff now.”

Everything seemed to be happening all at the same time.

Yet, his child’s birth was his top priority.

Ethan’s most important mission right now was to ensure the safety of both his wife and the baby.

Tom Foster and the others had done the necessary as well, deploying numerous men and stationing them across the whole of Greencliff as well as the areas surrounding the Palmer family’s bungalow to ensure that nothing would happen to the family.

“Don’t worry. Children are blessings from the gods. Everyone in Greencliff looks forward to the baby’s arrival. It’s something worth celebrating.”

“Sure.” Ethan didn’t say another word. Instead, he hurried back to the Palmer family bungalow.

The only thing that he wanted to do right now was to stay by the side of the woman that he was in love with and wait for his baby to be born. Everything else that could afford the wait would have to wait.

Everything had been prepared. He had gotten the best doctors and the best nurses on standby. The most powerful man in this world was by Diane’s side now, ensuring her and the baby’s safety.

“It’s coming.”

They were days away from when the baby was going to be due. Diane could feel it. She knew that the baby was on its way, even though she couldn’t feel any movement in her belly right now.

It had been a tough journey. She had nearly died and nearly lost the chance to meet her own baby. She treasured her baby even more now.

“That’s right. We’re going to meet the little fellow soon.”

Ethan’s arms circled Diane’s belly gently. He could sense the baby inside Diane’s womb. It was responding to him, its tiny palm pressed against the side of the womb. Their hands were almost touching.

What a wondrous feeling.

Meanwhile, Mr Cedric had put on another face.

He would change his mask immediately after every encounter with Ethan. The new world was filled with numerous advanced technologies that he did not quite understand.

All he knew was that as long as Ethan had seen his face, the man would have a way to locate his whereabouts. That wasn’t what Mr Cedric wanted.

He was wearing the face of an Asian right now. He was used to these features. He sat on an elevated pedestal in a grand hall. Below him were men with looks of complete subservience and devotion on their faces.

Their eyes were glazed over. It was as if they had been drained of their very souls and had lost their wills. They were but servants who answered to Mr Cedric’s command.

“Are you certain?” Mr Cedric narrowed his eyes. “The baby is due within these few days?”

“We’re certain. It’ll be born five days later,” said one of the men. “We are not far from Greencliff. Ethan would never guess that we’re here, waiting to give him the final fatal blow!”

Mr Cedric laughed. His features twisted hideously and took on an almost serpentine appearance.

“Someone who has not experienced the loss of a loved one would never risk everything to find the Longevity Pond. Life is but suffering. You should suffer what I have suffered so that you may truly understand me.” Mr Cedric rose to his feet. A strange and almost mesmerizing smile appeared on his face. “Prepare yourselves. We’re going to present him with a great gift when his baby is born!”

The look in Mr Cedric’s eyes was distant. He wished desperately that he didn’t have to resort to this. He never wanted to return to the secular world or meet his old friends. He never wanted trouble or to get himself involved with these troublesome fellows.

But he had been left with no choice.

“I’m sorry, Ethan. I need you to do something for me and this is the only way I can get you to do it. Hahahahaha!”


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