Billionaire God of War Chapter 2233

Chapter 2233

She knew that Ethan was right outside and that he was going to be nervous, worried and upset if he heard her scream.

“Try to reserve your strength. The dilation now at three centimeters,” the nurse tried to comfort Diane. “Everything looks fine. Looks like this is going to be a natural birth. It’ll be good for the baby too. Come on, keep it up!”

Diane took a deep breath and tried to reserve her strength.

This was the first time she was giving birth and the first time she was experiencing the pain of childbirth. Despite the agony, she was happy.

This was Ethan’s and her baby, the fruits of their labor. She couldn’t wait to see her child.


A wave of intense pain hit her. She didn’t manage to stop herself from crying out. She could feel the bones inside her shifting. The pain was agonizing.

Ethan was pacing nervously outside the ward. There had been a few times when he had nearly charged into the room but he had stopped himself in time.

His eyes had turned red. His heart broke when he heard Diane’s cries. He was seized by regret. Diane wouldn’t be suffering if he hadn’t wanted to have a baby.

Meanwhile, a few cars had arrived at the borders of Greencliff. They passed numerous inspections and checks and entered the city without a hitch.

Mr Cedric sat in the back of one of those cars. He stared out of the car and at the Palmer family mansion. The look in his eyes grew cold.

“Let’s move.”

The cars split up. One group headed for the Extreme Martial Arts Academy and another for the Palmer Group. The third headed elsewhere…

He headed straight for the Palmer family bungalow.

“I should deliver the gift personally in order to express the sincerity of my gesture,” said Mr Cedric mildly as he shut his eyes slowly.

The mood in the Palmer family bungalow was incredibly tense.

“Why isn’t it over yet?”

Ethan knew that there were steps to the procedure but he really wished that the entire process could be shorter. Diane wouldn’t have to suffer as much pain.

“Don’t worry.” April was equally worried. Her eyes had turned red. Yet, she didn’t stop comforting Ethan. “Everything’s going to be fine.”

The woman inside the ward was her daughter. She had experienced the same pain. She knew that childbirth was akin to risking death. It was something that utterly transformed a woman and something like that wasn’t going to be easy.

She hurt her daughter too.

Ethan took a deep breath and curled his fingers into tight fists. How he wished that he could suffer the pain of childbirth for Diane.

Meanwhile, Tom Foster was standing at the entrance to the Palmer family bungalow. The others were standing guard as well. The Palmer family bungalow and its vicinity were the most heavily guarded area in Greencliff today. In fact, Kain, Thomas and the others had hurried to Greencliff from the north to shore up the city’s defenses.

Evan had led numerous martial artists from the eight reclusive clans to join them. They were scattered around the city.

They knew that this would be the perfect day to launch an attack against Ethan.

Numerous martial artists stood guard over the Palmer family bungalow. Ethan was one of them. They were fully prepared. No matter what happened, they could deal with it.

“Something’s happened!” Someone ran up to Tom Foster suddenly. “Someone’s causing trouble at the Extreme Martial Arts Academy!”

Tom Foster raised an eyebrow. So, they were here.

“Ignore them,” he instructed without hesitating.

“Numerous places in Greencliff’s on fire. Numerous gangsters and hooligans have entered Greencliff. Zed has deployed men to deal with them, but they may not arrive in time.”

Murderous rage colored Tom Foster’s eyes.

“I don’t care who it is that’s trying to cause trouble today, he’s not going to get what he’s after! Pass down the orders. Everyone’s to stick to the plan and deal with whatever’s going on in their turf,” he said coldly. “Tell Evan that we need the coordinated support of the martial artists of the eight reclusive clans to preserve order in Greencliff.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Another thing. Everyone stationed around the Palmer family bungalow is to keep their guard up. Don’t let your guard down!” said Tom Foster. “It doesn’t matter what happens today, our first priority is Diane and the baby. Remember that!”

He knew that someone was trying to lure them away from the mansion. He wasn’t going to fall for the trap. It didn’t matter if someone were to set the Extreme Martial Arts Academy on fire. He would let it burn.

Nothing was more important than Diane and the baby. That was true for Ethan and for the rest of them!


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