Billionaire God of War Chapter 2234

Chapter 2234

Tom Foster knew that he had to ensure that Greencliff remained safe and free from danger. He couldn’t afford to let it be a distraction for Ethan.

“What’s the situation in the ward?” he asked.

“The baby’s not out yet.”

Tom Foster frowned slightly. “Keep a close eye on the situation. Our top priority is the Palmer family bungalow’s security. No matter what it costs, we have to keep it safe!”

“Yes, sir!” replied everyone in unison.

Meanwhile, in one of the Palmer Group’s factories located in the outskirts of Greencliff.

A car slammed into the metal gates of the factory, which burst open with a deafening blast. A dozen men rushed into the factory without paying the security any heed.

“Set everything on fire! Burn this place down!” someone yelled. The men rushed further into the factory like lunatics, with cans of gasoline in their hands.

“Who are these people?”

“Some troublemakers barged into the factory!”

“Who the hell dares to cause trouble at a Palmer Group factory? Stop them now!”

A few security guards had been hit and sent sprawling to the ground. They immediately called for help. The workers in the factory came rushing out. Their eyes turned red with anger when they realized that someone was trying to burn down the factory.

“Who the hell are these idiots? Guys, someone’s trying to trash the place!”

“Grab your weapons!”

This was Palmer Group’s factory and their livelihood. Palmer Group had treated them with nothing but kindness. The workers wouldn’t forget that. They weren’t going to let someone destroy the place.

A hundred workers surged out of the factory like a flood, mad with fury.

Their eyes were red with anger. They looked like feral beasts and the sight of their ferocity sent wisps of panic shivering down the spines of the troublemakers.

The workers were like a thick wall that stopped the intruders from taking a further step into the factory.

Someone had knocked a can of gasoline over. The sound of the can hitting ground made everyone tense up instantly.

“Stop them!” Someone charged at the group of troublemakers. “Get sand. Bury the gasoline. Don’t let them set anything on fire! Get the fire extinguishers! Chase these fools out of our factory!”

A group of workers quickly got themselves organized and got moving within no time. They didn’t give the dozen intruders any chance to react. Before the latter could make a move, they had taken them down and tied them up with rope.

The head of the security team spat and cursed. “What the hell, this is a Palmer Group factory! It’s our bread and butter. How dare you cause trouble here! You thought you could push the people of Greencliff around, didn’t you? Well, think again! Make sure the knots are tied properly. Don’t let any one of them escape! I want more guards out there. We’re not going to let anyone slip through our defenses again. This is our turf and we’re going to protect it!”

Meanwhile, at the Palmer Group headquarters.

A group of guards had been stationed around the building as well. An SUV had just smashed into a car that had tried to charge into the building and sent it flying.

“I’ve been waiting for you!” Number Six climbed out of the SUV and threw a scornful look at the troublemakers. “Take them all away. I want background checks on all of them. I want to know who’s the one who’s gutsy enough to give them the orders to cause trouble in Greencliff!”

Number Six eyed the dozen or so men before him. He knew that this must be the work of an organization.

Luckily, they had been prepared for this. They would be mortified if someone had successfully run a car through the doors of the Palmer Group headquarters.

“We should keep watch here. I’m worried that they’re going to send more men.” Number Two stared into the distance and frowned slightly. “This is going to be a hell of a day.”

The two men gathered a few of their men and planted themselves at the Palmer Group headquarters. They had been assigned the duty of protecting this place. They weren’t going to let anything happen here.

Meanwhile, at the Extreme Martial Arts Academy.

The doors of the academy burst open. A few men rushed in and were sent flying through the doors. They smashed into the ground, rolling a few times before ending up in a heap of twisted limbs. They were dead.

Peter Pan walked out of the academy.

He eyed the dozen men still standing at the entrance with raised eyebrows.

“I’m holding the fort today. Anyone who dares to cause trouble has to get through me first.”

Ivan and the others had been deployed to other locations. He was the only person in the Extreme Martial Arts Academy today. That was because Ivan and everyone else knew that he alone sufficed.


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