Billionaire God of War Chapter 2235

Chapter 2235

“Burn the place down!” barked the man who was in charge.

Peter Pan scoffed. He wasn’t a nice person who believed in talking things through and he definitely wasn’t kind or merciful.

He didn’t know when to stop.

Within a span of a few seconds, a dozen men fell dead instantly.

Peter Pan did not spare them a single glance.

He whipped his head up suddenly and starred in the direction of the Palmer family bungalow.

“Is he here?”

A murderous light filled his eyes. He suddenly seemed a completely different person.

Peter Pan disappeared in a blur.

Meanwhile, at the Palmer family bungalow.

The air was filled with tension.

Ethan was still standing outside the ward. No one had told him what was going on outside.


Diane’s cries rang out from the ward. She sounded like she was in terrible, unimaginable pain.

“How is it going?” asked Ethan nervously. “Is the baby out yet? She’s been inside for hours. How is she doing right now?”

He was panicking but there was nothing he could do at all. It didn’t matter how powerful a fighter he was. He was of no use here.

What could he do?

Ethan paced frantically like an ant on a pan of hot oil. He had never experienced such anxiety and fear in his life.


Diane couldn’t hold it in anymore. She really wanted to because she was worried that Ethan might hear her screams. She didn’t want him to worry. But the pain was beyond what she could bear.

“Diane!” shouted Ethan. “Don’t be afraid!”

He couldn’t take it anymore. He pushed the doors open and marched right into the ward.

“Mr. Hunt, you can’t be here,” the doctor said immediately. “Stand right there. This is supposed to be a sterile environment.”

Ethan struggled as he stopped himself from taking another step into the room. He stood behind the panel of glass and stared at Diane on the other side. His fingers tightened into fists.

“Don’t worry,” he shouted. “I’m here! I’m here for you, Diane. Don’t be afraid! I’ll always be here for you!”

Diane struggled to muster a smile on her face. Strength seemed to fill her body. She was suddenly gifted with courage.

Amidst the encouraging words and assistance provided by the nurse, she took a deep breath and gave everything that she had.

Meanwhile, outside the Palmer family bungalow.

Mr Cedric walked up to the house. Trailing behind him were several men.

The look on his face was calm but in his eyes flashed a fierce and hard glint.

“Ethan, I’ve brought you a gift.”

He barked out an order. The men behind him pulled their shirts open and revealed the explosives tied around their waists.

“Let’s give him the gift,” said Mr Cedric.

Like puppets without minds of their own, the dozen men made a mad charge at the Palmer family bungalow.

Tom Foster and the others saw them immediately.

“Stop them!” Tom Foster yelled.

He couldn’t believe it. These men had explosives on their own persons!

Brother Geoff and the others charged out fearlessly, utterly unafraid of the explosives.

These men must be mad to try and attack the Palmer family bungalow.

Brother Geoff sent one man crashing to the ground with a single punch. He wasn’t going to let any one of them near the house.

“Stop them!” he yelled. “Don’t let them get any closer! Deactivate the explosives!”

Number Four and Number Eight charged out fearlessly. All they could think of was to stop these men.

Number Eight took another man down and yanked the fuse out of the explosive.

“Throw the explosives away!” he shouted. “Get them as far away as possible! Removing the fuse doesn’t work!”

He had realized instantly that pulling the fuse out wasn’t going to stop the explosive from blowing up.

A twisted smile appeared on Mr Cedric’s lips as he observed the valiant efforts of Ethan’s men.

He hummed lightly. Someone immediately triggered the explosive on him.

A loud explosion sent the Palmer family bungalow shaking slightly.

Mild alarm flickered across Ethan’s face.

Was something going on outside?

“Don’t worry,” he said hastily as he looked at Diane. “Everything’s going to be fine!”

A murderous rage filled his eyes. This was an extremely important day for him. Who would dare to cause trouble?

He was going to kill him!


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