Billionaire God of War Chapter 2236

Chapter 2236

“Do your best to protect Diane and the baby. Don’t worry about what’s going on outside!” said Ethan before turning away and walking out of the ward. The corridor was empty. Everyone had headed out to fight the enemy. Ethan’s voice was filled with a cold murderous rage. “Keep Diane safe!”

“Leave that to me,” replied Cillian.

He had been hidden in the dark all this while, protecting Diane’s and her baby’s safety. The enemy who was attacking them now was definitely an incredibly powerful one. Even someone like Cillian couldn’t guarantee that he could hold his own against the enemy.

But he had given his word. He would do everything he could to keep it, no matter the cost. He would risk his life for it.

Ethan charged out of the house.

Meanwhile, in front of the Palmer family bungalow.

Lunatics with explosives tied to their bodies were charging towards the bungalow like kamikaze fighters who intended to die alongside their enemies.

“Stop them!” Brother Geoff thundered, his eyes red and the thought of his own safety no longer any part of his consideration.

These madmen were walking bombs that intended to level the Palmer family bungalow.

Brother Geoff charged out with his fists raised. The walking bomb in front of him suddenly smiled strangely. He ignored the fist that Brother Geoff had sent flying into his head, stretched his arms out and clutched Brother Geoff’s arm tightly.

The explosive on his body was counting down fast.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Brother Geoff’s pupils contracted.


In the distance behind him were Tom Foster and the rest, with looks of alarm on their faces.

Brother Geoff was in danger!

Number Six and Number Eight were going to rush towards him to help but were stopped by Brother Geoff.

“No! Don’t get any closer!”

There wasn’t enough time. They wouldn’t be able to save him even if they were to get to him in time. In fact, they would simply get blown up as well.

Number Six and Number Eight didn’t care though. They charged towards Brother Geoff as quickly as they could. They weren’t going to just stand by and watch their comrade die!

Beep. Beep. Beep.

There were two more seconds before the explosives went off.

Brother Geoff’s face contorted with fury as he twisted the man’s arm. But he wasn’t going to get any chance to escape.

“Come get me!” he thundered. “I’ll bring you down with me if that’s the last thing I do!”

The eyes of Tom Foster and the rest turned red with tears.

“Geoff!” Jenny wailed. Her heart was breaking. Paying no heed to the danger, she tried to run towards Brother Geoff but was pulled back by someone.

A loud explosion erupted. Thick smoke rose into the air.

The ground quaked once again.

Jenny was wailing at the top of her voice. She fell into a heap on the ground and stared at the rising smoke, weeping loudly as she screamed.

“You…you bastard! How could you leave me behind?”

The young woman began to clamber onto her feet, intent on reaching Brother Geoff. She cared nothing for the dirt on her clothes or her disheveled hair. All she wanted right now was to see Brother Geoff…she didn’t care even if it were his dead corpse that she would be looking at.

Tears streamed down her red eyes.

Number Six and Number Eight too were shaking violently, their eyes equally red.

The thick smoke finally dissipated to reveal two figures.

On the ground was a huge crater and at the side of the crater stood Ethan, who had shielded Brother Geoff from the impact of the explosion.

Brother Geoff stood behind Ethan. He had dust smudging his cheeks and blood flowing from his shoulder. His clothes were tattered and torn. But there was a smile on his face. He was smiling in spite of the pain.

“Haha…I just knew…Big Boss, you still need me, so you wouldn’t let me die…” he panted as the scene that had just happened flashed across his head once more.

Ethan had appeared the moment that the bomb had exploded.

He had moved incredibly quickly, appearing before Brother Geoff almost instantly and shoving the walking bomb aside with one hand while yanking Brother Geoff behind him with the other.

The air before Ethan had somehow transformed into a thick layer of glass that shielded them from the explosion.

Without that, Brother Geoff would have been torn into shreds.

“I’m glad you know that.”

Ethan did not look back.


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