Billionaire God of War Chapter 2240

Chapter 2240

The shadow fell silent for a moment. He knew Peter Pan. There was no point in trying to talk any sense into the man.

The old man might behave like a stubborn child, but unlike a child, he wasn’t going to hesitate when he tried to kill you in a fight.

It didn’t matter if he were fighting the shadow or Mr Cedric, when Peter Pan got serious, he could make things very difficult for either of them.

The shadow took a few steps back, retreated into the shadows and then vanished without a trace.

“Is he gone?” asked Cillian.

No,” scoffed Peter Pan as he narrowed his eyes. “But he won’t dare to come any closer again.”

No one would be foolish enough to risk their life just to help Mr Cedric out with a favor.

They were all selfish and self-centered men. None of them would risk everything for another person.

Meanwhile, outside the house.

Ethan and Mr Cedric were still in the thick of the fight.

Mr Cedric was growing increasingly shocked at the extent of Ethan’s strength.

He had unleashed the Extreme Fist Technique completely. The force behind his every punch appeared extraordinary as he threw his fists at Mr Cedric. The latter was slowly driven back. His arms had gone numb from countering Ethan’s hits.

What terrifying strength!

Another hard punch flew out and hit Mr Cedric with the force of a mountain. Mr Cedric stumbled a dozen or so steps back, leaving two deep tracks in the ground, before he finally steadied his feet.

“I didn’t know that one could develop the Extreme Fist Technique to this degree.” Mr Cedric gave Ethan a look of utter surprise. “It was a missed opportunity for all of us. We underestimated this set of basic techniques.”

It was only a basic set of martial arts that had only nine moves to it. None of them had thought much of it then. They had spent some time studying it and had abandoned it when they hadn’t managed to discover anything new or exciting.

But the Extreme Fist Technique appeared to be the perfect fit for Ethan. It was extraordinary that he had managed to develop the technique to such an extent.

Ethan ignored the man. Murderous rage burned in his eyes.

He was going to make his next move and kill Mr Cedric when a sudden shadow dashed out of the mansion. It vanished the next moment.

Mr Cedric threw a glance in the direction that the shadow had disappeared, then narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Is it done?” He extended his senses out. Fury flickered across his eyes. “He’s useless.”

He wasn’t going to waste any more time here.

Peter Pan was here. He was going to be in trouble if Peter Pan teamed up with Ethan to fight him.

Mr Cedric turned and left. Ethan did not go after him.

He had plenty of opportunities to kill that man, but today, nothing was more important to him than the safety of Diane and his baby.

“They’re gone.”

Ethan extended his senses and confirmed that the enemy had indeed left. Then, he turned and rushed straight into the mansion.

Peter Pan was still standing before the ward. Armies could not pass the door with him guarding the ward. Without his permission, no one could get anywhere near the ward.

In fact, Tom Foster and the rest were standing several meters away, wary of approaching the man.

“Stay there and don’t move. I wouldn’t know if that damn scoundrel somehow puts on someone else’s face and sneaked in,” Peter Pan said coldly.

He knew what Mr Cedric was capable of. If the man wanted to hide his presence completely, he could do so with some effort. This wasn’t the time to drop his guard.

Ethan rushed into the bungalow with a look of anxiety on his face.

“She’s fine,” said Tom Foster immediately.

Ethan released a sigh of relief instantly.

He saw Peter Pan standing before the door to the ward and Cillian seated on the floor. The latter was quite severely injured. Ethan guessed that Peter Pan must have stepped in and helped Cillian in the nick of time. Otherwise, he couldn’t imagine what would have happened.

“Thank you,” Ethan said simply.

Having expressed his gratitude, he immediately looked through the glass window of the ward. He wanted to know what was going on inside.

Peter Pan didn’t say a word. He simply stepped aside so that Ethan could take a proper look.

Before Ethan could head into the ward, he heard the sudden baby’s cry.


Ethan froze instantly at the sound. His eyes turned teary instantly.

Tom Foster and the others were visibly excited as well.

“The baby’s out?”

Peter Pan widened his eyes when he heard the baby’s cry. A strange sense of happiness stirred inside him. The wails of this baby appeared to have awoken something that resembled hope inside him.


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