Billionaire God of War Chapter 2241

Chapter 2241

It didn’t take long before the doors of the ward slid open.

The nurse walked out with a bundle in her arms.

“Congratulations! You’ve got yourselves a princess!”

“It’s a girl?” Ethan’s voice was trembling. “Is that my daughter?”

He gave the baby a brief glance before rushing into the ward. His heart ached when he saw how exhausted Diane looked. He immediately walked up to her and gave her a gentle embrace.

“It must have been so hard on you.” He kissed her forehead. His eyes were red. “Did it hurt a lot?”

“No,” Diane said softly. “Does our daughter look cute?”

“She’s as cute as you are,” said Ethan.

“Mr. Hunt, please leave the room and let us attend to your wife first. You will have Miss Palmer back shortly. Please don’t worry.”

The doctors’ foreheads were lined with sweat. Both mother and child appeared to be just fine.

“Sure, thanks for the great work.”

“Not at all.”

Ethan left the ward, throwing backward glances every few steps that he took. From the soft and worried look in his eyes, Diane knew that she had picked the right man.

A group of people surrounded a newborn baby outside the ward, their eyes filled with curiosity.

“Those eyebrows look like Big Boss’ eyebrows!”

“And that nose! It looks exactly like his! She’s so cute!”

“She’s smiling! Is she smiling at me?”

“Dream on. You should stay away. You’re going to scare the princess.”

What a princess indeed!

The baby was surrounded by loving and adoring people as soon as she had been born.

Peter Pan coughed loudly. Tom Foster and the others stepped aside so that he could look at the baby.

“It’s just a baby! Why are you so excited? Haven’t you seen a baby before?”

Peter Pan glared at Tom Foster and the others before stepping up to the baby. His hands were folded behind his back as he looked down at the kid. His eyes were twin crescents that shone with love and adoration.

“Look at that! So, this is Ethan’s precious daughter.”

Peter Pan could feel his heart melting as he stared at the baby. The baby opened her eyes slightly then. He was delighted when he caught the dazed look in her eyes.

He reached out for the baby but the nurse dared not hand her over to him.

“It’s alright.” Ethan walked out then. “Let the senior carry her.”

The nurse placed the baby carefully into Peter Pan’s arms.

Instead of his usual casual manner, Peter Pan played with the baby as he carried her carefully in his arms as if he would a precious treasure.

“Come on, give me a smile. Just one smile!”

“She’s asleep,” the nurse said meekly.

Peter Pan glared at her and terrified the nurse into silence.

“I knew that. Can’t I just play with the baby?” Peter Pan scoffed. He looked up at Ethan. “I’m taking her as my disciple.”

Everyone froze. Disciple?

She had just been born. Was Peter Pan going to take her as a disciple while she was still a newborn baby?

Ethan had not expected that from Peter Pan.

“She’s still a baby,” said Ethan.

“Fate has bound us together,” Peter Pan said. “It’s decided.”

He was in love with this baby. The idea of a new life had transformed something inside him. This was fate.

This child was his destiny.

“You want her as your disciple?”

Ethan frowned slightly. He didn’t wish for his child to be involved in the conflicts of this world. All he wanted for his daughter was for her to grow up healthy and safe.

“Do you think I’m going to mistreat my disciple?” Peter Pan knew exactly what Ethan was thinking. “No one will dare bully her as long as I’m around.”

A fierce and intimidating aura erupted from his person. The baby began to shift in his arms. Worried that he might scare the baby, Peter Pan withdrew his aura instantly.

“Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid…” Peter Pan cooed at the baby.

“I’m fine with her being your disciple.” Ethan knew that to have someone as powerful as Peter Pan by his daughter’s side would be akin to having the most powerful protector guarding her. She couldn’t be safer. He threw Peter Pan a glance. “But shouldn’t you give your disciple a gift then?”


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