Billionaire God of War Chapter 2244

Chapter 2244

There were many things in this world that were beyond human comprehension.

In the past, people would attribute unknowable phenomena to gods and deities. They had no scientific or logical explanation and hence turned to the supernatural.

In fact, Ethan wouldn’t have believed Peter Pan if he had told him this a few months ago.

He believed that the world was complex but also that anything could be explained with science. Yet now, there were many things that defied the scientific explanation.

The Extreme Fist Technique Manual itself defied scientific explanation.

The manual was made of a unique material. He had asked Professor Enoch Aronnax to look into it and found out that it was an extremely rare material. In fact, he had sent men to look for it and had found nothing similar.

The idea that the map in the manual was of different dimensions was an incredulous one. It seemed like something that only existed in science fiction novels.

“Does the Longevity Pond really exist?” Ethan couldn’t stop himself from asking.

“It does.” The look on Peter Pan’s face was deadly serious. He didn’t look like he was lying. “You’ll gain immortality if you drink from the Longevity Pond. Its water is a miracle cure that can regenerate flesh on dead bodies!”

That sounded out of this world, but Ethan didn’t dare to immediately dismiss it as a hoax.

After all, the events that he had gone through recently would seem like a dream to many other people. But they had happened.

Science couldn’t have explained that.

“Can it bring the dead back to life?”

Ethan studied Peter Pan carefully. He wasn’t sure if the old man was lying or simply exaggerating.

“I’m speaking the truth. It can bring the dead back to life!”

“Even if the person’s been dead for a very long time?”

Ethan’s heart skipped a beat. The look in his face had shifted. There was a hint of hope in his eyes as he stared at Peter Pan.

“As long as their organs and body have not decomposed, the water will bring them back to life,” said Peter Pan. “What I heard is that you have to incubate the body in the Longevity Pond. After some time, the dead person will come back to life again. Why do you think that idiot’s trying to find the Longevity Pond? He wants to save his true love!”

The idiot whom Peter Pan was referring to was Mr Cedric.

Mr Cedric was trying to save his true love?

Ethan frowned slightly. The bronze coffin in the north must belong to that woman then. He didn’t expect Mr Cedric to be such a romantic who was hopelessly in love with someone.

“I know what you’re thinking. You think he’s such a good man, don’t you?” Peter Pan snorted. He could tell from the look on Ethan’s face exactly what he was thinking.

This was a man who was willing to make an enemy of everyone for the woman he loved. To his enemies, he wasn’t a good man at all, but to the woman who had his love, he was.

“Kid, a man’s heart is a complicated beast. I can’t be the judge of anyone else but I’m very sure that fool is no good man,” scoffed Peter Pan. “He probably wants to save that woman because he has plans for her!”

“Why would you say that?”

To a woman, Mr Cedric would appear to be a loving and loyal man.

“I don’t have to explain myself. That’s just who he is.”

Peter Pan shrugged. He couldn’t be bothered to explain himself to Ethan. It seemed pointless.

In fact, he got bored whenever the subject of Mr Cedric came up. He wouldn’t have bothered to wake up if he hadn’t wanted to kill him. He would have stayed in his coffin and enjoyed his peace and quiet.

At least, he would have been able to live a little longer.

Ethan knew the old man’s temper. He didn’t pursue the matter further. But everything just sounded out of this world.

Could the Longevity Pond really bring the dead back to life?

The thought of that was mind-blowing. That would defy all laws of nature. But he had seen plenty of things that had defied the laws of nature recently.

“Who do you want to save?” Peter Pan asked suddenly.

Ethan froze.

“My Master.”

He shook his head immediately. Peter Pan had told him that the corpse had to be in perfect condition. But there was nothing left of Master Eraqus but bones and ashes. There was no way he could revive his master.

“But I’ve missed my chance,” he said with a tinge of sorrow.


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