Billionaire God of War Chapter 2246

Chapter 2246

Kye Hunt?

Not a bad name at all.

Ethan didn’t protest the name that Peter Pan had given his daughter. “That sounds like a good name.”

“I read her fortune. A single first name “Kye” fits her perfectly.”

Having said that, Peter Pan walked away.

Ethan couldn’t believe that Peter Pan had read her fortune. The man seemed quite mysterious and appeared a little superstitious.

Peter Pan had not revealed his true identity to Ethan yet. Ethan decided to trust Peter Pan and believe that he was still suffering from amnesia and had not remembered. He supposed that Peter Pan would tell him the truth when the time was right.

As for the Longevity Pond, Ethan had no intention of searching for it.

What he longed for was peace. He didn’t mind a quiet life.

Yet, there were some who did not wish the same for him.

Mr Cedric did not appear to be upset by the fact that he had failed to get Ethan embroiled in their affair. There was no anger or frustration on his face. In fact, he seemed as if he had already predicted the outcome of their encounter.

“Why do we need him?” The man hidden in the darkness appeared displeased. “He’s just a young punk. He’s not qualified to join the fight.”

He had waited so long for this opportunity, but here was Mr Cedric, asking him to wait a little longer. He couldn’t.

“Because he is the only one who can find it,” Mr Cedric said mildly after throwing a glance at the shadow.

He had already dragged Peter Pan into this. It didn’t matter how much Peter Pan didn’t care about dying now. He would change his mind eventually.

Who wouldn’t want to live forever?

Who wanted to die?

“He’s the only one?” the shadow barked out a laugh. “Are you kidding me? You awakened me. This is my last chance to find the Longevity Pond. I’ll die if I don’t!”

A cold light flashed across his eyes.

He had gone into slumber so that he could bide his time and wait for the perfect opportunity to wake up once again. He had not expected Mr Cedric to wake him up. Now here he was, awake and with no clue where the Longevity Pond was.

“Why are you panicking?”

Mr Cedric threw him a glance.

He wasn’t panicking. No one else should either.

“We’ll find the Longevity Pond. Don’t worry about it,” he said before barking a laugh. “Septimus, you should thank me for giving you this chance to find the pond instead of speaking to me in this fashion. Do you understand me?”

His eyes glowed with an eerie green light in the darkness. The sight was terrifying.

“Thank you?” Septimus sounded cold and emotionless. “I will when you bring me to the Longevity Pond. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself with another enemy.”

No one would thank their enemy.

They would only kill them.

Mr Cedric wasn’t mad at all. People who had gotten to where they were now had only one chance left. They all had to die if they couldn’t find the Longevity Pond.

What he needed to do now wasn’t to try and drag Ethan into the search for the Longevity Pond but to awaken more of them.

If he could, he would have everyone awakened and left with no choice but to desperately hunt for the Longevity Pond. One of them would force Ethan into making a move then.

“You’re not wrong. But you should still work with me to find the Longevity Pond now.” He stared at Septimus, who was hidden in the dark. Men like him who had to hide in the shadows only deserved to be his pawns. “In my opinion, our top priority should be to wake everyone else up.”

“You want more people to fight us for the Longevity Pond?”

Septimus was a little displeased.

He knew that he wasn’t as powerful as the others. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have retreated when he had run into Peter Pan.

With more competitors, he would lose his place in the fight.

“Do as I tell you and you’ll get your chance. Otherwise, you’ll only have yourself to count on.”

Mr Cedric couldn’t be bothered to talk to him anymore. He turned and left.

Septimus gnashed his teeth in fury but realized that he had no retort to that.

This was his last chance. He was left with no other chance. Like Peter Pan, he was going to reach the end of his lifespan sooner or later if he didn’t find the Longevity Pond.


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