Billionaire God of War Chapter 2247

Chapter 2247

But Septimus wasn’t Peter Pan. Peter Pan didn’t care if he died. But he was different. He had to live!

He didn’t want to die!

“Who are you going to awaken next?” he shouted.

Mr Cedric did not reply to him. He simply walked into the darkness and vanished without a trace.

Septimus felt slightly frustrated. He was being used by the man but there was nothing he could do about it.

“Humph!” the man scoffed and stomped off.

There was nothing he could do but carry out Mr Cedric’s plans.

There were too many unknowns in this world.

Be it in the past, the present or the future, phenomena that surpassed human comprehension would always exist.

If science could not explain such phenomena, then mankind would fall back on supernatural explanations. Regardless, no one could know for sure what the truth was.

Of the eight wonders of the world, there was one that remained a great mystery to all.

The pyramids.

It seemed unlikely that mankind had possessed the ability to build the towering pyramids. They had possessed primitive technology thousands of years ago and could only rely on human labor and simple tools. They couldn’t have built something so majestic.

As one of the eight wonders of the world, the pyramids were shrouded in an air of mystery.

Meanwhile, at a famous tourist attraction.

“Please mind your step and don’t knock into anything. Be considerate and don’t leave anything behind,” the tour guide said with her megaphone, interspersing the guided tour with constant reminders. “Legend has it that the ancient spirits sleep in these pyramids. We should keep our voices down so that we don’t disturb their rest. That would be a display of the greatest disrespect.”

The tourists laughed out loud. They weren’t in the ancient age anymore. No one believed such superstition.

They followed the guide into the pyramid, walking down its narrow pathways and immersing themselves in a different world.

Strange symbols had been carved into the murals. Many researchers had studied those symbols for many decades but had failed to decipher them and their meanings.

“Everyone, please gather around me. The stone platform in the distance is where the pharaoh’s body is placed. The actual mummy has been delivered to a museum. What you see on the platform is a prop.” She caught someone moving towards the platform and yelled at them immediately. “Please don’t approach the platform. They have set up an infrared barrier around the platform. Anyone who tries to approach the platform will trigger an alarm that will alert security.”

The body resting on the platform might only be a prop, but no one was allowed near it.

The stone platform was also an extremely valuable artifact. No one was allowed to touch it or leave any marks on it.

The tourists who had been yelled at stepped back sheepishly and continued staring at the platform from a distance.

“It’s only a prop, not a real mummy. There’s nothing interesting about it.”

“Let’s not get any closer then. I thought it was the real thing.”

“You must be dreaming. The real mummy’s being kept in a safe place and preserved with all care. That’s the almighty pharaoh that you’re talking about. They’re not going to leave it lying around for us to stare at it.”

A few tourists began chatting merrily amongst themselves.

One of them scoffed. He couldn’t stop himself from chastising the rest for their brazen behavior. “What a bunch of ignoramuses! Stop fooling around, will you? You’re embarrassing the rest of us!”

He pointed at the mummy on the stone platform.

“Isn’t it obvious? This is obviously a prop. They wouldn’t…”

He froze suddenly. His breathing grew uneven as he rubbed his eyes hastily.

He had just seen the mummy open its eyes! Those eyes that were concealed under layers of cloth had opened!

They had opened only very slightly but he was sure that he had seen it. Those eyes had been staring straight at him.

But the next moment, they were shut once again.

“It’s alive?” His throat felt dry. His legs began to shake. “Is there someone inside the thing?”

“Hahahaha! I can’t believe it. You were just laughing at us a moment ago. You’re the one who’s talking nonsense. How could there be anyone inside? If there were, it would be a dead guy who’s been dead for thousands of years!”


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