Billionaire God of War Chapter 2249

Chapter 2249

“I’m in!”

“Me too!”

“Count me in then. What am I supposed to do in a room all by myself without my girlfriend?”

They came to a consensus immediately, then turned and eyed the man who had suffered a scare in the first place. The guy shook his head profusely. He wasn’t going to step into the place again.

He wasn’t a timid man but he had truly been scared out of his wits today. Those eyes had been terrifying!

He couldn’t describe the feeling, but the thought of those eyes…still sent shivers down his back!

“Leave him be. He can stay in the hotel and watch the news,” the others laughed before grabbing their cameras and leaving the hotel.

They waited for night to fall.

When night came, the tourists would leave the pyramids. They would think of a way to sneak in.

The thought of that was exhilarating!

They were going to sneak into the pyramid to find out if the mummy was indeed alive. This was something that not even TV shows dared to film. They were buzzing with excitement.

“We need a plan,” said the blond. “It’s not going to be easy to sneak in. You saw how many guards they have stationed around the place. We need to draw them away.”

They came up with a plan swiftly. It was risky but the greater the risk, the more exciting this appeared.

The group waited patiently before it was time to carry out their plan. This was clearly not the first time they had done something so thrilling.

They were going to wait until it was the dead of the night. The average human would get tired at around three in the morning. There would only be a few guards patrolling the area. The rest would be napping. Security wouldn’t be as tight then.

They approached the entrance carefully, then texted one of their friends who was hiding in the distance. Within moments, fireworks lit up the sky.

A few guards were instantly startled awake. They stared into the sky in disbelief. Has someone just set off fireworks?

They must be kidding them!

“Who is it? Fireworks aren’t allowed in this area!”

Two guards left immediately to stop more fireworks from being set off. The rest seemed amused. The consequences of setting off fireworks in this area were extremely serious.

One could be imprisoned if caught!

“It must be some kid or someone who’s not right in the head. Who would dare cause trouble here?”

“Forget it. Let them be. We’ll continue our patrol.”

The other guards turned away and ignored the fireworks.

It was then that a guard suddenly caught a flash of shadow speeding past him. It moved so quickly that it vanished without a trace within a second. It seemed to have entered the pyramid.

“Did you see a shadow?”

“A shadow?” The other guard shook his head. “You must be seeing things. I don’t see a single thing. Come on, let’s go. You’re hallucinating.”

“I think we should go in and take a look.”

The guard was an extremely cautious person. He was sure that he had seen someone’s shadow. But it had been moving too quickly and had vanished in an instant. How could a human move that fast?

He dared not risk it. He wasn’t going to let negligence be the reason he lost his job. It paid incredibly well. He immediately led someone into the pyramid to make sure that everything was fine.

Meanwhile, the group of young adventurers had entered the pyramid. The look of excitement was clear on their faces.

The blonde laughed.

“This is amazing! We got inside without a hitch.” He was speaking into a camera. “Tonight, we’ll show everyone what exactly is this mummy that’s hiding inside one of the legendary pyramids!”

He laughed as he headed towards the stone platform where the mummy was resting. The rest could hardly hold back their excitement as well.

It didn’t matter if it turned out to be a prop. They were having the adventure of their lives! After all, they had just sneaked into a pyramid in the middle of the night to check out a mummy. This was something they could brag about for ages. No one could have had the guts to do that!

“Do you guys see that? The mummy lying there is the legendary pharaoh. Which one is the real deal? Is it this one or the one lying in the museum?” said the blonde. “Well, we’re going to reveal the answer…”

Before he was done speaking, a black shadow suddenly flashed across his eyes and stopped right before the mummy. The sight scared the young adventurers witless. They froze in utter terror.


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