Billionaire God of War Chapter 2250

Chapter 2250

How could there be another person inside?

The small group of young adventurers were scared witless. They had snuck into the pyramid without permission and were incredibly high strung and nervous right now. The sudden appearance of a stranger scared the hell out of them.

What made it worse was the stranger’s face. They couldn’t discern his features at all. Even though they weren’t standing that far away from him, his face looked a blur to them.

“Who are you?” the man leading the group steeled himself and asked.

The shadow ignored him completely and simply stood before the mummy. He resembled a distorted cloud of black smoke.

“You should wake up. You’ve been waiting for so long. The time has come,” Septimus said in a raspy voice. “I call upon you to awake from your slumber.”

He reached out and placed his hand on the mummy’s forehead lightly. A sudden heat emanated from his palm. But there was no response.

Septimus smirked.

“I see your taste hasn’t changed all these years. I know what you want.” Then, he looked up and stared at the group of young adventurers.

He was standing right there, yet no one could discern the features on Septimus’s face. All they could see was a pair of eyes staring at them. The young adventurers were scared witless.

“Quick, we have to get out of here!”

“We got to go now!”

They yelled, immediately turned around and fled. There was no way they could stay here any longer.

They didn’t even know if the thing standing before them was a human or a ghost. There was something incredibly creepy about him. Whatever courage they had fled them.

Before they could take another step, a chilly wind rushed past them. Septimus appeared right in front of them.

“You came at the right time. I need some fresh blood.”

Septimus reached out and grabbed one young man. Before the rest could react, he had dragged his captive to the mummy. His finger slid across the man’s throat lightly and sliced his skin wide open.

Blood spurted out.

The man didn’t even get a chance to scream. His body spasmed violently while he stared with wide, terrified eyes.

Blood sputtered violently from the cut in his throat and landed on the mummy. The sight was terrifying!

The others were scared stiff. Their legs felt weak. They could barely stand and nearly fell onto the ground. They couldn’t have expected something this horrifying to befall them.


The blonde shrieked in terror. The camera slipped from his hand and landed and was instantly damaged when it crashed into the ground loudly. The screen went black, though not before he had already live streamed the horrifying scene that had just taken place…

Blood soaked the entire mummy. The young man’s corpse fell heavily onto the ground and sent a flurry of dust into the air.

The rest desperately wanted to leave but they dared not move. In fact, they couldn’t.

They had just watched someone slit their friend’s throat open. They had just seen blood spill across the ground. They were never going to forget what they had just witnessed.

They heard the sudden sound of breathing. It made their hair stand.

They turned around. The mummy which had been lying there motionlessly all along was breathing.

The linen cloth over its nostrils was rising and falling gently. The creature was alive!

It was really alive!

The mummy was breathing!

How could that be possible?

“Awaken!” thundered Septimus.

The mummy slowly sat up. A slit appeared between the layers of linen cloth, revealing a terrifying, green eye.

The sight of that one eye was enough to scare the hell out of everyone.

“Why have you awakened me?” a voice said.

The young adventurers were numb with terror. They regretted embarking on this adventure. They regretted ignoring the warning of their frightened friend. They could have been holed up in the hotel room, playing cards right now. Why had they decided to risk their lives?

“Someone who can read the map has appeared,” said Septimus. “Don’t you want to find the Longevity Pond?”

The mummy smiled coldly. No one could look away from him as he slowly got off the stone platform.

A mummy had just come back to life!


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