Billionaire God of War Chapter 2255

Chapter 2255

Meanwhile, Ethan had instructed Butler Zed to do what he could to locate the lunatic’s whereabouts.

From what he had learned from Peter Pan, it seemed that this guy was a true lunatic. He was selfish and self-centered and only cared about his own happiness and pleasure. He didn’t care for anyone else.

Men like him were the most dangerous. Ordinary men weren’t his match at all. If he were to go mad, he could cause a lot of death and bloodshed.

Ethan was seated at the couch right now. Unlike Peter Pan, he wasn’t harassing his wife and daughter. The old man wouldn’t leave the Palmer family bungalow or go anywhere. He had insisted that Ethan get him a room in the house.

Peter Pan would run over to his daughter as soon as she woke up and play with the baby. Every laugh that he earned from playing with the baby made him immensely happy. He seemed to be deathly worried that someone might steal his disciple from him.

Her own father wasn’t watching her as closely as Peter Pan was.

“She went back to sleep. This little girl sleeps all day.” Peter Pan sighed as he walked out. “Shouldn’t you spend more time playing and talking to her?”

“Kids this age are all like that.”

Ethan had spoken to the nursemaid. Newborn babies spend most of their time asleep. They only woke up when they wanted milk. There was nothing he could do about it.

He threw Peter Pan a look.

“She’ll be filled with energy when she grows older. You might not be able to handle her then.”

“Are you looking down on me?” Peter Pan laughed. “I could handle a dragon!”

He was getting a little flustered. Why had she not grown older? It would be such a waste if he failed to teach her everything that he knew before he reached the end of his lifespan.

After some thought, Peter Pan sat down next to Ethan.

“I have something to discuss with you.”

“There’s no need for that.” Ethan shook his head. “I’m not interested.”

“How could you say that?” Ethan had said no before Peter Pan had told him what he had in mind. It bruised the old man’s pride. “This is all for the good of my disciple. It’s really important. Listen to me. My disciple’s born with a gift for martial arts. Just look at her face. She’s got the face of a prodigy. She’s destined to be the cream of the crop. If you find the Longevity Pond and use its waters to strengthen her bones and meridians, she’s going to do so well. She’ll have such a bright future!”

Ethan shook his head.

“I just want my daughter to stay safe and healthy. I don’t want her to suffer for a long life or for wealth and fame. I can give her everything.”

“Why aren’t you seeing sense?” Peter Pan was growing frustrated. “What if you’d gotten a son?”

Ethan fell into a contemplative silence. “Well, he’ll have to work hard to get what he wants then.”

Peter Pan was speechless. His jaw dropped. Ethan was such a scoundrel. He was excessively biased. How could he treat his son and daughter so differently?

A decent person wouldn’t say something like that.

No matter what Peter Pan said, Ethan refused to look for the Longevity Pond. He was driving Peter Pan mad.

“I wouldn’t be asking you for help if I could find it on my own!” Peter Pan blurted out. “This is for your daughter’s sake! She’s not just my disciple. She’s your daughter too. Everyone only gets a few chances to determine their fate. One stands before you right now. You can make her life so much easier. How could you feel nothing for it?”

Peter Pan was heaving heavily, his chest rising and falling with every breath he took. If it were his daughter, he would go to the very edge of this earth to find the Longevity Pond so that his daughter could become the most powerful person in the world!

Ethan simply looked at him and smiled softly without saying a word.

Ethan didn’t care if his daughter became the most powerful martial artist in the world. His wish for his daughter remained the same.

All he wanted was for his daughter to be happy, healthy and safe. He wanted a peaceful life for her.

Peter Pan could tell that Ethan wasn’t swayed by his words at all. Annoyed, he turned and marched off.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m in a foul mood. I need to let off some steam!”

Ethan shook his head. Geoff and the others were in for a hard time.


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