Billionaire God of War Chapter 2256

Chapter 2256

Ethan wasn’t overly concerned.

Brother Geoff and the wolves had reached their limits, where every bit of their potential had been developed to the fullest. Training and actual combat weren’t going to help them progress any further.

The only way to make them stronger was to enhance their potential.

That would be an incredible feat to accomplish.

After all, a person’s potential and gifts were determined at birth. The hard work that they put in after that merely decided the extent to which they developed and realized their potential.

Regardless of how you redecorated or refurnished a room, the height of its ceiling remained unchanged. There was only so much you could fill the room with.

If you wanted to progress to the next stage, you had to raise the ceiling. But this was more difficult than it sounded.

Ethan had tried to think of solutions to achieve that but he had not been confident of their success.

Since Peter Pan had volunteered to help the wolves become stronger, Ethan was going to sit back and see how he was going to achieve that. After all, they were from different times. There might be many secrets hidden in the age that Peter Pan had come from and that remained unknown to the modern man.

Perhaps he did have a way of helping the wolves.

Ethan left them to Peter Pan and went home to his wife and child. Peter Pan, on the other hand, walked into the courtyard with his hands folded behind his back. His face darkened when he saw the wolves sitting on the ground, panting heavily.

“Get up!” he roared thunderously. The wolves immediately leaped to their feet and straightened their backs in fright.

The old man had been training them relentlessly the past few days. His training had been inhumane and worse than Ethan’s.

“Senior, we’re really struggling.” Brother Geoff panted heavily. His face looked slightly pale. Even though they had undergone years of harsh training and had developed a strong and resilient physique, they simply couldn’t take the training that Peter Pan was putting them through.

“If you can still talk, you can still take it.” Peter Pan narrowed his eyes, then turned them onto Brother Geoff. “Are you getting scared? Didn’t you declare that you’ll follow the kid wherever he goes and share his burdens? How are you going to do that with your current abilities? Can you stop me if I try to kill him?”

The expression on the faces of Brother Geoff and the wolves was solemn.

They remembered they had said that. How could they forget?

Peter Pan was right. They were no match for fighters as powerful as Peter Pan. They were useless in every way.

“We’ve done our best,” said Number Six stubbornly and with a hint of powerlessness in his voice.

Everyone had their limits. They knew their own. This was the best that they could do. Working harder wasn’t going to change that fact.

Peter Pan glared at him.

“Your best? Really! I think not!” He pointed at the men. “You’ve still got a good half of your potential that’s not been unleashed.”

When the wolves heard that, their breathing quickened instantly.

A good half of their potential was still undeveloped?

But they truly felt that they couldn’t get any stronger.

“Are you telling us the truth, senior?” They couldn’t believe him.

“Are you calling me a liar?” Peter Pan bared his teeth angrily. No one had doubted his words before. “What a bunch of obnoxious young punks! How dare you question my words!”

“No, that’s not what we meant. Please don’t get worked up. We just want to know if we really have any chance of becoming stronger,” Brother Geoff said hastily. “What must we do to become more powerful?”

“It’s simple,” said Peter Pan. “Just do whatever I tell you. Continue your training. Expend every ounce of energy in your body. You stop when you can no longer speak.”

He couldn’t be bothered to explain further. Instead, he turned away and left.

Brother Geoff and the wolves exchanged a look with one another. The possibility of becoming stronger was incredibly enticing.

“What should we do?” asked Number Eight. “Do we do as he says?”

“Let’s try it!”

Brother Geoff cursed out loud. “Well, what the hell! This isn’t going to kill us. Let’s continue training!”

They went on training and tried their best to expend all their strength. They weren’t going to give up until they collapsed on the ground out of sheer exhaustion.


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