Billionaire God of War Chapter 2259

Chapter 2259

“How do you feel?” someone asked softly.

The wolves had their eyes shut as they sat like statues in the wooden tubs. They did not say a single word.

Tom Foster shook his head.

He had no idea what was going on, but judging from the looks on their faces, the wolves were still alive.

He turned and threw a look at Peter Pan. The old man was simply sitting there, sipping at his tea. There was no hint of worry on his face at all.

But Tom Foster knew that this old man wasn’t going to worry himself over the wolves.

Three hours passed. Brother Geoff was the first one to open his eyes. He released a long exhalation. The breath was a white cloud that transformed into an arrow that shot out of his mouth before finally dissipating into thin air after traveling nearly two meters.

He was blown away. He concentrated on his body. He could feel a lightness in his limbs. It felt great!

This feeling was comparable to…carrying dozens of kilograms of weight for the past few decades and then releasing them suddenly. The feeling of lightness that followed was exactly what he felt right now!

“What is this feeling?”

He couldn’t believe it. This was incredible.

Other people began to wake from their sleep with the same feeling. They were overjoyed.

Were they transformed now?

Their bodies appeared different after the metamorphosis.

“What’s going on? I feel as if I have an endless amount of energy!”

“That’s right! Weren’t we sprawling on the ground, utterly exhausted just now? I’m filled with energy right now!”

“Can I come out now?”

They looked at Peter Pan with looks of anticipation in their eyes.

Peter Pan looked up and swept his eyes across the lot.

“No,” he said, before turning towards Tom Foster. “Boil more water.”

“Are we going to keep them inside?” Tom Foster blurted.

They had been soaking in the tub for a few hours. Their skin was going to fall off if they didn’t get out soon.

“They need a shower.” Peter Pan rolled his eyes. “They can’t get out without a shower.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” said Tom Foster. “They could have a shower when they return to their rooms.”

Peter Pan got up and walked right up to Tom Foster. The latter couldn’t stop himself from taking a few steps back.

“Alright, you decide what to do with them. If you say they don’t need a shower right now, then they don’t.” Peter Pan said curtly as he placed his hands behind his back. “That’s all. I’m leaving. You can remove the lids and let them out in a while.”

Having said that, Peter Pan turned and left without another word. Within a blink of an eye, he was gone.

Tom Foster released a sigh of relief. He had no idea what Peter Pan had been thinking. Why had he told him to boil more water and get Brother Geoff and the wolves to take their shower here? This wasn’t a place for a shower!

“Remove the lids and let them out,” he told his men.

A few men immediately raced towards the rub. Brother Geoff and the wolves were dying to get out. They had been sitting inside the tubs for such a long time. It was killing them.

Shock flashed across Brother Geoff’s face as soon as the lid was pulled away. An incredible pungent stench escaped from the tub instantly!

“Stop!” he yelled but it was too late. The faces of the two men who had pulled the lid away immediately darkened. They turned away and with a loud wail, began to throw up. It was as if they had just been poisoned.

“That stinks!”

“What the hell is that smell?”

“Brother Geoff, did you take a dump in the tub? Heavens…this smells disgusting. I need to throw up…”

Brother Geoff wasn’t the only one with a smelly tub. Other men who had pulled the lids off other tubs were driven back by the stench immediately. Brother Geoff and the wolves were covered in a layer of something black and gooey. That was the source of the stinging pungent smell.

Everyone began to throw up moments later. Tom Foster, who had been standing a distance away, caught a whiff of something in the wind. His face flushed instantly. He sprawled on the ground and began to puke. The stench nearly knocked him out.

Brother Geoff and the other occupants in the tubs bore with the stench valiantly at first. But after some time, they couldn’t take it anymore. How could it smell so bad?

The sounds of puking emerged from the courtyard.

Peter Pan was laughing so hard that his stomach hurt. He wrapped his arms around his belly and kept laughing.

“Serves them right for not listening to the wisdom of an old man! They won’t learn unless they’re taught a lesson!”


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