Billionaire God of War Chapter 2265

Chapter 2265

Ethan didn’t say more. He knew that once the wolves had made up their minds, they would stick to their decisions. They didn’t want to become burdens to Ethan. They wanted to be able to stand by him and share his burdens with him.

“Yes, Big Boss!” the wolves replied in unison.

“Please take care of them,” Ethan said to Peter Pan.

Peter Pan snorted and ignored Ethan. He stuck his chin into the air, folded his hands behind his back, and marched off. The wolves ran after him immediately.

“They’ll be alright, won’t they?” asked Tom Foster.

“They have Peter Pan with them. Nothing will happen to them.” Ethan nodded. “He might seem like a stubborn kid sometimes, but when it comes to a fight, even Mr Cedric would find him a tough opponent. The wolves won’t come to any danger as long as he’s around.”

He could feel anticipation bubbling inside him.

The wolves had undergone a medicinal bath that had transformed their bodies. They had undergone a metamorphosis. They should have grown a lot more powerful.

While Ethan would not dare to say that they had advanced significantly in terms of their fighting capabilities, these were men whose full potential had been unleashed and who had years of experience in battle techniques and strategies. The progress that they had achieved should be significant.

“Let’s hope that they get another breakthrough.”

Meanwhile, in a city near the northwestern border.

The lunatic had made a wise decision when he had chosen the place. As a remote town near the borders, it was inaccessible. The surrounding mountains gave him plenty of hiding spots.

He loved how clean the waters were and fresh the air was. The people who lived on these clean waters and fresh air were simple-minded and equally clean.

He loved places like this. Blood found in such places tasted heavenly. It was so pure he could get addicted to it.

He was lying on a slab of smooth stone right now and basking lazily in the sun. One could see traces of blood staining the edge of his lips.

He was constantly assailed by the freezing cold and needed to drink human blood to drive away the cold. The sun was his favorite thing. He enjoyed basking in the sun after drinking human blood. It felt amazing.

His ears twitched suddenly. He sat up instantly.

“Who is it?” the lunatic thundered.

He turned. A dozen men walked out of the grass with murderous looks on their faces!

He burst out into laughter.

“Here I was, wondering who it might be.” The wolves were like children in his eyes. He could crush them with one hand. “Don’t interrupt my sunbathing. Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

He wasn’t interested in the blood of grown men and would only drink it as a last resort. The blood of grown men was filled with impurities. There was no point in drinking it.

The lunatic lay back down again. He seemed not to care that the wolves had him surrounded.

“Kill him!”

The wolves didn’t bother wasting their time with talk.

This was their first attempt at killing an ancient monster. They had to succeed.

The success of this mission would prove their worth and prove that they were still of help to Ethan. They couldn’t fail!

Everyone moved into place and got into their battle formation.

They went on the offensive and charged at the lunatic immediately. Their speed had clearly improved!

“You’re just trying to get yourselves killed!” The lunatic was mad now. How dare these men interrupt his rest. They were trying to get themselves killed!

He slammed his palm into the ground, leaped into the air, and shot towards Brother Geoff headfirst. His rest had just been disrupted by insignificant nobodies. What an insult!

The wolves did not hesitate. The men on both sides charged forward and formed a defensive wall. Three fists collided with the lunatic’s fist at the same time.

The three men were driven back in a midst of deafening explosion, sliding back a dozen meters and allowing the other wolves to surge forward with their attack.

The lunatic smirked. He wasn’t threatened by their attack at all. He raised his arm and sent his fist forward with the intent to kill Brother Geoff with a single punch.

He had not expected Brother Geoff���s attack to be a feint!

The lunatic felt the force of a fist coming at his back. He whirled around immediately. But Brother Geoff moved again!

This time, his fist brushed the lunatic’s shoulder.

He got him!


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