Billionaire God of War Chapter 2266

Chapter 2266

“Explode!” Brother Geoff’s eyes went wide as he roared. He wished he could expend every ounce of strength in his body and kill the lunatic.

But he knew that monsters like the lunatic weren’t so easily slain.

A loud explosion erupted.

The lunatic was flung into the distance. He rolled across the ground and finally came to a stop after some time.

The thick smell of blood filled the air. Brother Geoff and the wolves grew solemn and immediately surrounded the lunatic.

Their battle tactics had been honed to perfection after numerous battles. They had long mastered the art of moving as one.

They had landed a hit on the lunatic in their first attack. That had been when the wolves had realized the extent of their progress.

Their bodies had been utterly transformed. There were no words to describe how amazing it felt.

They could sense that their bodies had become stronger. Their strength, their speed, their agility and their senses had all dramatically improved.

“Watch out! He’s going to attack!” Brother Geoff reminded the rest.

He was right. The lunatic got up then. His hair was disheveled and his eyes had turned blood red.

He was livid.

He couldn’t believe that an insignificant nobody had landed a blow on him.

“You’ve made me…very angry!” the lunatic howled, whipping his long, loose hair around wildly as his thunderous voice filled the air.

He moved suddenly and as quickly as a tornado. The thick smell of blood filled the air once again. They nearly choked on the smell.

The stone under his foot shattered as the lunatic transformed into a blur that charged forward and headed for his first target, Brother Geoff.

“Watch out!”

Number Five and Number Six moved immediately and adjusted their formation, transforming it into a defensive formation. The six men joined forces and met the lunatic’s fearsome attack head on!

A loud explosion erupted. The six men held their ground. Even though the lunatic had managed to drive them back a few steps, he had not managed to breach their defense.

Shock filled the lunatic’s eyes. This was impossible!

This wasn’t happening!

That punch of his would have killed the ordinary man. But they remained standing. It had not taken them down.

How was that possible?

The lunatic stared at the wolves with utter incredulity. How could ordinary men like them survive his attack?

What was going on?

The lunatic’s hair flew wildly in the wind. He watched as his enemy’s formation changed tirelessly, switching between offense and defense at startling speed. He was given no opportunity to retaliate at all.

“Kill him!”

They charged at him once again and unleashed a flurry of attacks.

The lunatic did not expect someone else to attack him this time. He had been expecting Brother Geoff, but the person throwing a punch at him this time was Number Six, who had been serving a defensive role all along.

His fist packed a greater punch than Brother Geoff’s.

The lunatic went flying again. He had no time to react at all.

His eyes kept moving as he stared at the group of men before him who were on the constant move. He wanted to grab one of them but he failed to. They moved as one. There was no loophole in their strategy and their formation.

The sight was out of this world.

“Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!”

The voices of the wolves filled the air. They had to kill this ancient monster as proof of their metamorphosis.

Their voices flooded the air unceasingly and rushed at the lunatic from all directions. It was a terrifying scene to behold. The lunatic felt as if he were facing down an army of ten thousand men.

“Kill me?” the lunatic thundered. “You’re going to kill me?”

“That’s right! They’re going to kill you!”

A voice rang out from the distance.

Peter Pan strode in slowly with his hands folded behind his back.

Alarm flickered across the lunatic’s face.

He wasn’t threatened by any of the wolves or Septimus or any of the other mighty warriors of his time. But this was Peter Pan…why was this freak here?


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