Billionaire God of War Chapter 2267

Chapter 2267

“You’re awake too?” The lunatic clenched his jaw. “Septimus woke you up too?!”

“That’s right. They told me that you’ve been a bad boy and told me to kill you,” Peter Pan said with a cheeky smile. The grin was replaced by a look of utter disdain the next second. “Well, you’re not worth me dirtying my hands.”


The lunatic was furious but he dared not voice his displeasure. Peter Pan was unquestionably one of the three most powerful fighters amongst them all. In fact, if Mr Cedric had not resorted to unscrupulous means, he would have been killed by Peter Pan then.

“They’ll be the ones who kill you. Don’t underestimate them. I consider them my disciples in principle.” The aura exuding from Peter Pan changed suddenly. Waves of power rushed at the lunatic and locked him in place. “If you hurt any one of them, I’ll be forced to take you down.”

The lunatic was speechless. The old man was driving him crazy.

Peter Pan was being completely unreasonable.

How could he command these men to corner and attack the lunatic while forbidding the lunatic from retaliating and injuring or killing them?

He had threatened the lunatic that he would take him down personally if the lunatic hurt any one of these men. Should he just stand there and let Brother Geoff kill him then?

There was no way he was getting out of this alive!

“You’re being unreasonable!” the lunatic snarled and gnashed his teeth furiously.

“What are you going to do about it? Fight me? Do it then!” Peter Pan laughed out loud. “You can’t beat me, can you? Well, since you can’t beat me, you’ll have to do what I tell you and fight them! Remember, hurt any one of them and I’ll step in and take you down personally!”

Peter Pan waved his arm.

“Kill this scum!”

The wolves went wild when they heard his order. The deafening sounds that they made resembled the sound of hot oil landing on water.

What a pack of wolves!

They were wolves that had been armed to the teeth and who had the protection of the king of wolves. The lunatic’s eyes filled with despair.

“I’ll kill all of you!”

He had come here so that he could have a brief taste of heaven. He had not expected to be killed by these men!

He was going to kill a few of them in return before he went down.

A fierce battle broke out the next moment.

The lunatic was incredibly powerful. Prior to their metamorphosis, the wolves would have been killed instantly in a fight with the lunatic. They wouldn’t have had any chances of survival.

Not today though. The lunatic felt as if he had fallen into a vortex. His strength left him completely and in its place was utter agony.

“Ah!” the lunatic howled. His cries of pain were eventually drowned by the flood of attacks unleashed by the wolves.

The lunatic was the perfect opponent for them. He brought out their full potential.

They had felt similarly when they had fought other opponents in the past. But this time, their abilities and potential were drastically boosted.

Another deafening explosion erupted. The lunatic cried out in pain as he flew into the distance. Number Eight’s punch had shattered the lunatic’s jaw.

The lunatic landed heavily on the ground. Before he could get up, countless fists began punching him in the head.

Everything became quiet again.

The lunatic was dead.

The ground was a mess. The lunatic’s face was beyond recognition. Blood stained the ground, its red a glaring sight against the green weeds.

The wolves heaved heavily. There was blood on their faces and the rest of their bodies. No one could tell whose blood it belonged to anymore.

Their fingers were still trembling and the backs were still heaving. Their eyes were red. It was then that they finally realized that they had killed the lunatic.

That fearsome beast had died by their hands.

They were truly changed men.

Brother Geoff’s lips trembled. He was so excited that he could not speak. They���could stay by Ethan’s side once more. They could help Ethan and share his burdens.

The group of men turned and stared at Peter Pan and, with a loud resounding thud, fell to their knees.

“Thank you, senior!”


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