Billionaire God of War Chapter 2268

Chapter 2268

Peter Pan frowned.

“Why are you thanking me? Is that all it takes to satisfy you? Get up!” he roared. The wolves got to their feet immediately.

They had gotten to know Peter Pan’s temperament after some time. Everything depended on how he felt. He could be smiling at you one moment and yelling at you the next.

Talking to him was no different than talking to a temperamental child.

“You should know that this fellow’s not exactly that strong. He was lucky. That’s why he managed to stay asleep for so long. I could kill him with one smack!”

Those were bold words indeed!

The lot of them had expended a great deal of effort before they had finally managed to kill the lunatic. But Peter Pan was telling them that he could kill a powerful fighter like the lunatic with a single smack!

“Senior, how powerful are you, really?” Brother Geoff blurted out. “Are you willing to accept new disciples?”

“Disciples?” Peter Pan threw Brother Geoff a look of disdain before rolling his eyes. “You?”

Brother Geoff laughed sheepishly and scratched his head.

“I only have one disciple. Don’t even think about it. You’re not good enough for me.”

The man had no tact at all. His words were like daggers that stabbed the wolves right in their hearts. They weren’t mad, of course. They were used to the old man. In fact, they would feel weird if they went a day without suffering Peter Pan’s shouting.

It didn’t matter. They had proven themselves and showed that they could still keep up with Ethan and continue to serve him.

The lunatic was dead. They had killed the scum before he had managed to find the Longevity Pond.

Everyone returned to Greencliff.

Ethan nodded when he sensed the changed aura exuding from the wolves.

“You’ve done well.” His words affirmed Brother Geoff and the wolves’ worth. “Go rest now.”

“Yes, Big Boss!” they replied immediately.

They did need rest after an intense battle so that they could recover their strength and resume their training. They had to continue to grow stronger.

Numerous challenges lay ahead of them. They might not be as easy to overcome as the lunatic had been.

“Thank you.” Ethan turned towards Peter Pan. The man might have a sharp tongue but his heart was kind. He had offered to help the wolves because he had seen how dejected they had been.

“People nowadays talk too much!” Peter Pan folded his hands behind his back and snorted softly. “What’s the point of saying thank you all the time? It hardly sounds sincere at all!”

The wolves would have lost sleep that night if they had heard that. They had gotten on their knees for Peter Pan. Hadn’t that been sufficient proof of their sincerity?

Peter Pan wouldn’t have cared if they lost sleep over his remarks.

He threw a look at Ethan. “Did my disciple look for me when I was gone?”

“No,” Ethan said as he shook his head. “She probably has no idea that she’s got a master.”

Peter Pan appeared slightly crestfallen. He stomped his foot, huffed and then marched right out.

He walked right back the next moment.

“You have to tell her. Make sure you tell her!” Having said that, he sighed and walked away.

Ethan was filled with exasperation.

“The lunatic’s been dealt with,” said Tom Foster. “I can’t believe it. The wolves really did it.”

He seemed a little excited. Killing an ancient monster like the lunatic was a feat that few men were capable of. He was proud of the wolves.

“That’s right. They have the potential to become more powerful. That means that Greencliff’s defenses have the potential to be strengthened in the future too. You guys should buck up as well.” Ethan looked at Tom Foster and Butler Zed. “Has Mr Cedric been up to anything?”

This time, instead of Mr Cedric coming to him, Ethan was going to Mr Cedric instead.

As long as the man was alive, he posed a threat to Ethan and his family. He was like a bomb that might explode anytime and cause irreparable destruction to the world. Ethan didn’t want any harm to come to his family.

“There’s no trace of him.” Butler Zed shook his head.

Their information network could track the ordinary person as well as a powerful martial artist. But Mr Cedric was clearly neither of those. He was something more powerful.


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