Billionaire God of War Chapter 2270

Chapter 2270

Septimus was momentarily stunned upon hearing this.

“Are you saying that he’s pretending just to get near to Ethan?”

He hadn’t thought of this. He didn’t think that Peter Pan was actually this conniving.

Mr Cedric just snorted coldly and didn’t continue talking about Peter Pan.

This had nothing to do with him. Everyone’s target was the Longevity Pond. Finding the Longevity Pond was the most important thing now. As for how they were going to fight for it, that would depend on their own skill.

“Enough of this nonsense. Call everyone up and bring them to the agreed location.”

He glanced at Septimus. Whether they could find the Longevity Pond and extend their lifespans depended on this.

“Do not make any more mistakes. Otherwise, I’ll definitely kill you.”

Mr Cedric’s tone of voice was calm, but his words carried an icy and murderous meaning.

“Got it!” Septimus didn’t dare to argue and just nodded respectfully before immediately walking out.

It was about to start.

Mr Cedric looked into the distance and revealed a smile on his face. “Soon. We’ll be able to meet again soon.”

Meanwhile, back in Greencliff.

Ethan cherished every single minute and second he had with his wife and daughter.

He knew that a huge storm was on its way and it would engulf everybody. Nobody could tell what the future would bring.

“Evan is here,” said Tom Foster from outside the door. “He’s here to see the child.”

Ethan nodded. “Let him in.”

Evan had been very busy and finally found the time today to come down from Minstrel Mount just to visit Ethan’s daughter.

That was his Master’s child!

And he was Ethan’s Master’s child. This was a very curious feeling.

“Master,” greeted Evan as he walked in. “Diane, I’m here to see the baby.”

“She’s over there,” said Diane with a smile. “She’s just done feeding, and she’ll fall asleep after playing for a while.

Evan nodded and walked to the baby cot quietly. He looked at the adorable little princess lying inside and his eyes couldn’t help but widen.

“She’s so small.”

Ethan rolled his eyes. “She’s not even a month old. How big could she be?”

Evan scratched his head. He teased the little girl for a while when he spotted Kye staring at him.

“You’ll eventually start a family and have children yourself,” said Ethan. “Then you’d understand all of this.”

After Kye fell asleep, Ethan brought Evan out of the room so that they wouldn’t disturb Diane and the child’s rest.

They walked all the way outside the house.

“Master, when Kye grows up, she’ll definitely be as pretty as Diane.”

“Of course.” Ethan rolled his eyes. “She’s MY daughter.”

“So how are the preparations coming along?” his tone suddenly changed as he started talking about serious matters.

“I’ve gone into the mountain.” Evan’s expression became stern as well. “I’ve talked to them about it and they know it’s your instructions. They didn’t say much, and just said that they would try their best to get it done.”

“Trying their best is not enough. They must get it done,” said Ethan sternly.

“Got it. I’ll go in again and tell them how important this matter is.”

Ethan nodded.

The battle must never come to the city. He knew that Mr Cedric was going to awaken everyone who was sleeping, and when that happened, chaos would ensue.

If this happened in the city, many innocent victims would be harmed. These were people who should have died a long time ago, and they should not have appeared again in this world.

What was this about a Longevity Pond? Even if it existed, it was not meant for these vile and wicked people.

“Evan, remember to protect yourself well. I promised your father that I’d make sure he will continue to have descendants,” said Ethan. “Have children as quickly as possible.”

Evan laughed. “Got it, Master.”

After that, he left and returned to Minstrel Mount without delay. He didn’t even return to the Drake house and went straight into the mountain gate.

Liam already knew that Evan would come again.

He was already waiting for him.


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