Billionaire God of War Chapter 2272

Chapter 2272

Peter Pan finally understood what Ethan was trying to do. Ethan wasn’t just accompanying his child idly all day, but actually making arrangements on the sly.

Greencliff started getting busy.

A lot of people had entered Greencliff recently, and Peter Pan knew that these were people whom Ethan had called upon.

These people weren’t formidable high level martial artists, but the things they brought along with them were a bigger threat to human life than any martial artist.

“Military exercise!”

Greencliff was actually going to start a military exercise within the city. All sorts of weapons and soldiers had entered the city.

Ethan had made use of the connections he had from the past. This was the authority he wielded as the God of War of the East!

With just one command, everyone would reach Greencliff in the shortest time possible.

Even though it was supposedly just an exercise, Peter Pan knew that Ethan was doing this to protect the Palmer family. This move was something that nobody in the world, not even the most powerful monster, would dare to be careless about.

Mr Cedric had experienced for himself how frightening modern technology could be and nearly lost his life as a result. The weaponry that was coming in now was even more terrifying than what the wolves had prepared the last time.

“Ethan doesn’t fully trust me after all.”

Peter Pan snorted.

Ethan only trusted himself. He would never leave the lives of his family members in someone else’s hands.

Peter Pan didn’t get angry. That was the right thing to do.

He turned and was about to walk out of the Extreme Martial Arts Academy when a voice rang out behind him.

“Is there really meaning to living forever?”

It was Cillian.

He had recovered from his injuries and had been staying within the academy as he pondered on some questions.

He knew that the Longevity Pond existed, and he knew that Mr Cedric was looking for it so that the person he loved could come back to life. But was that possible?

There was someone he loved too, and he wished she could come back to life too.

Peter Pan glanced at him and said calmly, “It’s normal for the living to remember and miss the dead, but there are many things that we are unable to change. Even if that person we love comes back to life, things have already changed. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Cillian didn’t say anything.

“Keep your eyes in front. Humans need something they can look forward to. If that anticipation changes, then it will also lose its meaning, and you’d have to look for it all over again.”

With that, he didn’t say anymore and left.

Greencliff’s current state left everyone in awe.

Modern weaponry with state of the art technology and fittings appeared before everyone and boosted their confidence. Ordinary citizens looked on and cheered excitedly. This represented the might of their country!

These weapons were practically invincible. This was a power that could protect them!

Ethan stood among all these and several men quickly approached him. They were all dressed for battle and exuded an extraordinary and authoritative air.

“Big Boss!” everyone shouted in unison.”

Ethan nodded and smiled. “It’s been a long time. All of you haven’t changed at all.”

“But you’ve changed, Big Boss. You seem to enjoy smiling more now.”

“Is that so?” Ethan kept his smile on. “I suppose so. I’m a little different from before.”

After saying that, the expression on his face slowly became solemn.

“Thanks for the hard work this time. Did the boss say anything about this?”

“He said to cooperate fully with you, regardless of the cost!”

Ethan’s eyes sparkled brightly.

“Great! Once everything is over, let’s go for a drink together.”

“Alright! We want to see your daughter too! We’ve brought her presents!”

After chatting, they all took a step back, bowed with all seriousness, then left in a flash to start on their missions.

Ethan could finally relax and do what he was supposed to be doing.

He turned around to find himself face to face with Peter Pan.

“Who are you going to pick?”

“I want my disciple,” said Peter Pan.

He had made his choice. Ever since he gave the necklace that was the most important thing to him to Kye, Peter Pan had found the reason for continuing to live on.

Just like what he told Cillian earlier – he had to have something to look forward to in life all the time. Otherwise, what’s the point of living?


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