Billionaire God of War Chapter 2274

Chapter 2274

Nobody, not even Mr Cedric, would have thought that the lines on the manual pages could do such a thing.

Ethan’s understanding of the manual had surpassed everyone else.

“So the gates to the different dimensions can be changed. That’s really surprising.” Evan took a deep breath. He had already made all the preparations that Ethan had instructed him to, but he only realized what a frightening thing Ethan had truly done at this moment. “Master, do you think they’d come?”

Ethan stood with a calm expression on his face.

The mountain gate was already open, so they would definitely come.

“Unless they don’t want to find the Longevity Pond, they’d definitely appear.”

If they wanted to find the Longevity Pond, they’d have to come back into the mountain, because Ethan had already shifted the passageway to the second spatial dimension to the northern region of the area inside the mountain gate.

If they wanted to find it, then they had no choice but to go in from there. Mr Cedric and his men would also be caught by surprise by this.

“Let’s go in and wait for them.”

Ethan then walked in, and Evan and the rest followed after him. The mountain gate remained open even after they walked in, so anybody could go in and out freely now.

It was bright when Ethan and the rest arrived at Clearheart Sect.

Liam was already waiting for them.

“You’re back,” he said when he saw Ethan. “We’ve already prepared everything you told us to. As to whether it’ll work or not, that will depend on our luck.”

This time, they weren’t only faced with Mr Cedric, but also everyone else who had been awakened.

Luckily, the others weren’t as powerful as Mr Cedric. Otherwise, there was no point in fighting. One Ethan would not be enough to stop them.

“Don’t be so pessimistic,” said Ethan. “Their aim is to find the Longevity Pond, and not to destroy everyone.”

“I’ve already paved the way for them. Whether they succeed or not is their problem.” He took a deep breath. “But if they dare to want anything else, then they can’t blame me for getting nasty!”

After that, Ethan didn’t waste anymore time. The passageway that Mr Cedric and the rest had to take was already there and they would definitely come back in. So he just had to head for the north and wait for them.

He quickly brought Evan and the rest to the northern region.


Mr Cedric had brought everyone through Minstrel Mount and into the mountain gate.

He didn’t need to hesitate at all.

His only aim was to get to the Longevity Pond. Nothing else was of any concern to him right now.

Even though he was rather surprised that Ethan actually managed to shift the passageway to the second spatial dimension to a different place, it didn’t matter. All he wanted was to get to the Longevity Pond!

“They’d probably have made a lot of preparations. What should we do?”

Septimus was still a little worried.

When he first woke from his slumber, he thought that he was invincible and nobody could possibly defeat him. Besides Mr Cedric, nobody else was even worth a second look.

But now, even ordinary people like Brother Geoff and the other men with Ethan were able to kill him. This made him feel rather unsettled.

This world had a lot of terrifying weapons that made him even more afraid and fearful.

“Ethan is making a compromise, do you understand?”

Mr Cedric laughed.

He could see clearly that Ethan was making a compromise because he didn’t want the battle to be within the city where his family and child were. Ethan had no choice but to shift the battle to within the mountain gate.

Both of them knew that everything was peaceful now only because they hadn’t located the Longevity Pond yet. Everyone’s aim was the same, so they could even become friends and partners for the time being.

But once they found the Longevity Pond, then everything would change.

After all, only one person could use the Longevity Pond.

But of course, very few people knew about that. Not even Peter Pan knew about it. Mr Cedric was the one who had researched the most and knew the most about the Longevity Pond and its legends.


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