Billionaire God of War Chapter 2276

Chapter 2276

Everyone behind Mr Cedric had strange looks on their faces after hearing what Ethan said.

They all exchanged glances, then looked at Mr Cedric. They didn’t understand what Ethan was talking about.

Why did he say that it was a pity for the rest of them?

“What do you mean by that?” asked one of them.

They had just been awoken and only knew that the Longevity Pond might have appeared somewhere. Mr Cedric needed them to work together and find it. Once they found it, they would all be able to live forever.

That was why all of them agreed to listen to everything that Mr Cedric said. Nobody else knew better about this pond than Mr Cedric did.

“I don’t really mean anything,” said Ethan.

“Mr Cedric is going to bring you on a journey to eternal life, so all of you should be thanking him.” He looked at everyone else. “Even I am touched by his actions.”

Mr Cedric narrowed his eyes at Ethan and didn’t say anything. He didn’t know how much Ethan knew and why he was saying all this now. Even if he was trying to sow discord, surely there was more he could say to do that, right?

But instead of going on, Ethan started smiling sweetly at him.

“Are you ready?” Ethan looked at him.

“Are YOU ready?” asked Mr Cedric in return.

“I’m ready anytime.”

The two men were talking in riddles and nobody else could understand either one. They were even more puzzled now.

Mr Cedric was already a very mysterious man who was impossible to understand. He was one of the best fighters of their time and they were a long way off from him, so none of them dared to second guess him.

This Ethan initially looked too young for them to be worried about, but now, it seemed like he also had an air of mystery around him.

“Don’t be bothered by him,” Septimus reminded him.

He knew how frightening Ethan could be. Ethan was no ordinary man at all. Anybody who could fully comprehend the Extreme Fist Technique was definitely no ordinary person.

Ethan was the only person from this era who could kill him very easily!

He looked ordinary and harmless, but once he started fighting, his prowess was enough to strike despair in one’s heart. Mr Cedric was the one who told him about this.

Mr Cedric had also been injured by Ethan before. He knew about that.

Ethan got up, looked around, then pointed at the lake behind him with a cheeky laugh.

“Since we’re all ready, then let’s get started.”

He then stomped hard on the ground and the ground trembled a little before eight metal chains suddenly pulled a large bronze coffin from the water.

Mr Cedric’s expression immediately darkened.

“I can help you to open the passageway and bring all of you into the second spatial dimension, but first, you’ve got to help me get this coffin out.”

“What are you trying to do?” Mr Cedric’s voice had turned frosty.

The rest of the people behind him were also shocked when they saw that coffin.

“That’s a Triple Lifetime Bronze Coffin. What’s it doing here?” Septimus’s expression was grim.

Everyone else was staring at that bronze coffin too. They didn’t expect this coffin to be here. They had searched for this thing for a long time back then too. All of them hoped that they could find this coffin so that they could live for a longer time.

Besides Peter Pan’s black coffin, the other one that existed was this bronze coffin.

A lot of them were already thinking that if they couldn’t find the Longevity Pond, then obtaining this bronze coffin was a good second option.

Mr Cedric didn’t expect Ethan to expose the existence of this bronze coffin. He sneered and wasn’t bothered.

“Enough of this nonsense,” said Mr Cedric. “Open the passageway! Otherwise, don’t blame us for getting nasty!”

Ethan was trying to sow discord after all. But he had chosen a method that was different from what he had expected from most people. This was a really sly fellow.

When he saw that Mr Cedric was getting a little frustrated, Ethan burst out laughing.

“Can’t wait?”

Ethan took a deep breath.

“Alright then!”

Once he had said that, their surroundings immediately went through a tremendous change.

The earth seemed to spin, and a dense forest suddenly appeared from nowhere as trees that reached the sky grew before them. The faces of Septimus and the rest changed dramatically. They never thought that Ethan was capable of doing something like this.


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