Billionaire God of War Chapter 2277

Chapter 2277

Only Mr Cedric knew that this wasn’t Ethan’s doing. It was those runes on the manual pages!

“Is this an illusion?” Septimus reached out to touch a large tree next to him. It was real!

The expression on his face became even more surprised.

This place looked exactly the same as the forest that Peter Pan had been in!

The rest of them were also deeply shocked by the sudden and drastic changes around them. They simply couldn’t believe that Ethan had done something like this.

“I’ve really underestimated you,” said Mr Cedric. “But since you’ve opened the way, let’s go in then.”

He looked at Ethan.

If Ethan didn’t go in, he wasn’t going in either.

The current situation was a little out of his control now. Ethan’s grasp of the runes on the manual made him lose some confidence. Even though he knew that this was definitely the doing of that old geezer, Broken Soldier, Mr Cedric didn’t dare to drop his guard even though the man was dead.

“I know that as long as I don’t go in, you wouldn’t dare to go in.”

Ethan seemed very relaxed and didn’t bother saying too much. He glanced at Mr Cedric, then glanced at the rest before laughing loudly and walking right into the forest.

He instantly disappeared into the forest.

“Mr Cedric, what do we do? What’s going on now?”

Some of them didn’t understand what was happening at all. These changes were too shocking for them. How did Ethan disappear just like that?

“If my guess is correct, the Longevity Pond is here. Once we enter this passageway, we will be able to find it.” Mr Cedric was also being very careful.

He had done many calculations and had studied the secrets of the runes on the manual for many years. He was very certain that Ethan had indeed opened the way into the second spatial dimension.

It took an environment like this to slow down the process of aging. Just like how Peter Pan had chosen to enter into deep sleep in such an environment before he lost his memory.

It wasn’t difficult to reach this conclusion.

But he really didn’t trust someone like Ethan.

Even though Ethan had been the first one to walk in, Mr Cedric was still rather worried.

“Septimus, you go in first.” Mr Cedric turned to look at Septimus and his expression immediately fell.

“I go in first?” He was a little wary.

“Go in.” Mr Cedric’s tone of voice was cold and distant.

Septimus clenched his teeth. He looked at everyone else and wanted to get someone else to go instead, but there was nothing but doubt and wariness in their eyes. Clearly, nobody was willing to go in his place.

First, they had been oddly led by Ethan into the mountain gate, then to the northern region, then pulled up the Triple Lifetime Bronze Coffin from the bottom of the lake, and now he had opened the way to the second spatial dimension.

Everything about this was weird.

“Fine, I’ll go in first!” Septimus steeled himself and took a step in. He could feel a great change in the world around him and he wasn’t sure if the things around him were real or not.

But he could hear the birds. That was real.

The smell of the flowers couldn’t be a lie.

He looked back and didn’t see Mr Cedric and the rest anymore.

“There’s no problem! Mr Cedric, everything is real!”

“Of course it’s all real.”

Ethan’s voice suddenly rang out from behind him, causing him to tense up. He spun around with a start to see Ethan walking towards him.

“What do you want?”

“I’ve fooled all of you into coming all the way here, so of course I’m going to kill you guys.”

Ethan’s eyes were as deep as the galaxy and as sharp as a knife. Even a highly skilled fighter like Septimus felt his heart shudder when he saw them!

“After thinking about it, I have to kill all of you in order to make sure that none of you cause any trouble in the future!”

Ethan immediately unleashed the Extreme Fist Technique. The violent and wild winds that the punch created enveloped Septimus like a tidal wave.

“AHHHH!!” Septimus screamed loudly, but nobody else could hear him. Outside the dimension, all Mr Cedric and the rest saw was that Septimus had literally disappeared without a trace.

“Hmm?” Mr Cedric still had a bad feeling about this. But he simply couldn’t put his finger on what was wrong.

Ethan had disappeared after going in, and so had Septimus. He was still unsure about whether to go in or not.


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