Billionaire God of War Chapter 2283

Chapter 2283

None of them dared to just hand their lives over to Ethan.

“Compared to Mr Cedric, I think I’m more trustworthy,” said Ethan. “At the very least, I’ve got Peter Pan on my side. If I’m not trustworthy enough, do you think he would stay with me?”

“Peter Pan is the first one to accept this suggestion from me. Please believe me.”

“Also, while this may be hard to hear, you don’t have any other choice besides placing your trust in me. Either you fight to the bitter end with me, of which you will certainly die, or you choose to believe me.”

His attitude was even more overbearing than Mr Cedric’s but none of them felt uncomfortable when he laid out their options.

Ethan was merely stating the facts. They simply had no other choice.

“If I don’t help you to find it, then you won’t be able to find the Longevity Pond. The only person who can find that pond is me. Do you understand?”

“All of you can only rely on me and believe in what I say.”

This really left them with no other choice. In fact, even Mr Cedric didn’t have a choice in this.

The key to the Longevity Pond was Ethan.

Besides him, nobody else had been able to decipher the secrets behind the etches on the Extreme Fist Technique Manual, so any attempt to find the pond was utter futility. If it wasn’t so hard, Mr Cedric wouldn’t have gone through so much trouble earlier.

“But if you’re going to do this, would Mr Cedric agree to it?”

“I don’t need him to agree,” sneered Ethan coldly. “He doesn’t have a choice either.”

He looked at them again. “The choice is in your hands. Make your own decision.”

Meanwhile, back at the lakeside.

Mr Cedric continued to watch for any movement, but there was no response at all. Those men had probably been killed by Ethan as well.

This fellow was a really sly one. He had used such a realistic trap to trick them into coming here. Now he was killing them off one by one without even giving them a chance.

But the problem was that nobody dared to kill Ethan because he was the only person who could lead them to the Longevity Pond.

Just when he was thinking of going in to fight it out with Ethan, the air suddenly rippled and all the men who went in earlier came out again.

They had come out completely unscathed.

Mr Cedric narrowed his eyes and scanned them quickly. There were no traces of blood, and they didn’t even look like they had fought. They couldn’t possibly have killed Ethan so easily, could they?

He was about to speak when the air rippled again and Ethan walked out.

“Ethan!” shouted Mr Cedric. “You played me out!”

“Well, sometimes resorting to trickery is the way to win.” Ethan shrugged and looked like he didn’t care. “Alright now, that’s all for today. I’m off.”

“Stop right there!” shouted Mr Cedric furiously. “What is the meaning of this?”

“Do you think we will let you leave if we don’t find the Longevity Pond right now?”

“If you leave now, then we’ll follow you to Greencliff and kill all the people closest to your heart! I don’t think you and Peter Pan would be able to fend all of us off!”

His tone of voice was threatening, but Ethan wasn’t bothered at all.

He glanced at Mr Cedric, smiled a little disdainfully, then walked off without saying anything.

Mr Cedric wanted to stop him from leaving, but he knew there was no point in doing so.

“Stop dreaming of using us,” said one of them before Mr Cedric could say anything. “Only one person can use the Longevity Pond, right? If we go along with you, we’d only be there to serve as your tools. We will never get the chance to live forever, will we?”

Mr Cedric’s expression changed.

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Looks like it’s really true.”

The men shook their heads after seeing Mr Cedric’s reaction.

Then they turned to talk to the rest, “We’ve all been fooled by him. He just wants to make use of us to find the pond. Once we get to the pond, he will kill all of us, because the Longevity Pond can only take one person at a time. With him around, do you think we’d stand a chance at the pond at all?”

“Shut up!” roared Mr Cedric.

What did Ethan say to them? How did he make them suddenly change their minds?

“Stop taking us as fools! We know everything!”


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