Billionaire God of War Chapter 2284

Chapter 2284

Mr Cedric looked at the men before him and scoffed coldly.

“Then what do all of you intend to do?” His voice sounded incredibly murderous now. “Are you going to fight me? Are you?!”

“No. We’re not on the same page, so there’s no point in staying in the same team,” said the man from before. “Since we can’t work together, then we’re not going to waste anymore time.”

Mr Cedric’s reaction had confirmed that everything Ethan said was true. The Longevity Pond could only be used by one person at one time. If they still allowed themselves to be used by Mr Cedric despite knowing this, then they would really be fools.

They themselves couldn’t understand why they would rather believe a stranger like Ethan than to believe Mr Cedric.

“All of you will regret this,” said Mr Cedric.

He was getting frustrated. The plan he had crafted so carefully was now useless. He hadn’t even had the chance to execute it, and Ethan had already ruined it.

This little bastard!

The other men ignored Mr Cedric and walked away to leave the northern region.

Mr Cedric stood alone in front of the passageway and hesitated for a long time before eventually choosing to walk right in.

He really couldn’t take this lying down!

He really didn’t want to miss such an opportunity.

But just after he stepped in, his entire world started spinning and it changed in an instant!

Those huge trees earlier suddenly became chains that trapped him inside.

“What?!” Mr Cedric roared, “Ethan! You’ve tricked me again!!”

He swung his fists left and right to break all the chains before him, but it seemed like he could never finish breaking them all. Chain after chain kept appearing before him, trapping him entirely…

On the other side.

Back at Clearheart Sect.

Ethan made good on his promise and had already brought in the liquid nitrogen and other equipment all the way deep into the sect.

This was modern technology, and it was the most advanced hibernation pods available in the market. It was able to bring a human’s energy consumption to its lowest and remain in deep sleep. A human could remain in deep sleep for nearly a hundred years in this state.

All of them were a little taken aback by the strange looking apparatus.

They had never seen anything like this before.

“So these are the things you mentioned that could allow humans to continue sleeping?”

“That’s right. These things are a lot better than the methods all of you used in the past. At the very least, it doesn’t harm your body, and it will slow down your aging process,” said Ethan with a nod. “You can set the time on this machine, so you can decide when you want to wake up. Of course, you can also decide to leave it to me to wake you up.”

“If you want to continue sleeping after waking up, that’s not a problem either.”

This technology seemed to be the perfect fit for their situation.

But was it safe?

They still had doubts.

“I’ve already made myself very clear. All of you have no choice,” said Ethan. “I won’t harm any of you. I’ve already killed those who were truly evil. I believe all of you have also seen that if I really wanted to kill all of you, I don’t have to go through so much trouble. Right?”

His domineering tone of voice was a little hard to accept, but he spoke the truth.

All of them looked at each other and didn’t hesitate anymore.

They were all people who had seen many things in life. They knew when they had to make a decision, and what decision they had to make.

“It’s true that we don’t have any other options left. We’re going to die sooner or later, so we might actually stand a chance with this,” said one of them.

With that, he became the first person to walk into a hibernation pod. A cold mist immediately enveloped him and he slowly began to feel drowsy.

“I’ll wait for you to wake me up.” He looked at Ethan and entrusted himself to Ethan. “Even if you were lying to me, I wouldn’t blame you.”

“I’ve promised you, so I won’t go back on my word,” said Ethan. “That would be very unethical of me.”

“Alright.” He shut his eyes and fell asleep.

After watching him sleep for ten whole minutes, the rest were sure that it wasn’t dangerous, so they all got into their own hibernation pods.

It was true that they really had no other choice. Since they had to die sooner or later, then instead of dying from rapid aging, at least getting into this hibernation pod gave them a chance of surviving for a longer time.


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