Billionaire God of War Chapter 2285

Chapter 2285

By the time these men were awoken, Ethan would have already been able to find the Longevity Pond easily and they would be able to attain immortality.

Everyone got into their hibernation pods and entered into deep sleep.

“I didn’t expect them to agree to it,” sighed Liam. He was really surprised.

Every single person here was one of the best fighters of that time.

Even though they weren’t as powerful as Ethan or Mr Cedric, they were still virtually unstoppable. Yet they had all listened to Ethan and chose to remain in deep sleep.

If Ethan really wanted to harm them, then they were now literally just waiting for Ethan to kill them in their sleep.

But of course, Liam knew that Ethan would never do that.

Ethan was someone who was a man of his word and did everything he promised. This was the feeling he got from the first time he met Ethan.

For some unknown reason, he simply believed in Ethan. He still had no idea why.

“You will watch over them here, and don’t let anybody know about their existence. This area will be off limits to everyone else except yourself. Do not let anybody in the sect know about them,” instructed Ethan.

“I’ll see to that.” Liam nodded.

After giving those instructions, Ethan left through the mountain gate.


After a very long period of time, Mr Cedric was in a frenzied state as he finally smashed through all the chains in the passageway.

He kicked the last chain to pieces and hopped out from the passageway. He had no idea how much time had passed.

His hair was a mess and insanity colored his eyes.

“Ethan!!” he roared. “So you’ve seen through me?!”

Ethan had used this to stall for time. Ethan knew that he would definitely walk into the passageway, so he purposely made it such that he would be stuck for a long time inside. He had no idea where Ethan had gone or what he had done during this time.

He still had no inkling.

This b*stard!

Mr Cedric finally realized that despite making so many calculations and reading so many people’s hearts, he had never understood what Ethan was thinking about. Worse still, Ethan had seen right through him instead.

He had lost this fight very badly.

Mr Cedric went back to Clearheart Sect to find that the mountain gate was shut fast. The members of Clearheart Sect were all guarding the gate with a formation, so he couldn’t get out.

Was Ethan trying to trap him within the mountain gate?

Just like how Broken Soldier had trapped him inside back then?

Mr Cedric laughed manically to himself. He was furious and indignant, but he continued to remain calm. He had weathered so many storms and was used to this. He wouldn’t allow himself to lose all rationality.

“Ethan, Ethan, do you really think you’ve won? Did you think you wouldn’t go looking for the pond just because you don’t want to? Your biggest weakness is your sentimentalism! There’s nothing that will solve that!” said Mr Cedric as he laughed loudly. He was in no hurry.

He returned to the northern region, raised the Triple Lifetime Bronze Coffin up from the bottom of the lake and lay back inside the coffin with a gleeful look on his face.

“I’ll be waiting for you. You will definitely end up looking for that pond. When that happens, it’ll be your turn to beg me.”

The coffin lid creaked as it slowly shut itself and sank back into the lake. The surface of the lake soon became calm again, as if nothing had happened.

Ethan had already returned to Greencliff.

Everything was peaceful again.

Mr Cedric was stuck inside the mountain gate and wasn’t able to make any trouble for the moment. If he tried to fight his way out of the mountain gate, he would definitely regret it.

Ethan was sure of that, and Mr Cedric was definitely even surer.

At the Palmer family bungalow.

Ethan came back to the sound of merry laughter.

Peter Pan was squatting on the floor as he looked at Kye in the playpen as he tried to make funny faces at her to amuse her.

“Doesn’t Master look like a monkey? Don’t you think I look like one?”

He playfully made monkey noises as he pretended to be a monkey, making Kye gurgle and laugh. Peter Pan immediately jumped up.

“My wonderful disciple! You’re such a good girl! You look so pretty when you smile!” He laughed loudly and excitedly. “And now, I’ll be a tiger!”


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