Billionaire God of War Chapter 2286

Chapter 2286

Peter Pan fell on all fours with a loud thud. He was afraid that Kye wasn’t able to see his face, so he tried his best to stretch his neck out and pretended to roar, which made Kye gurgle and laugh again.

This was no tiger. He was clearly pretending to be a toad.

Ethan just watched from afar and didn’t disturb them.

He could sense that Peter Pan’s liking for his daughter was real. There was no hypocrisy involved.

Peter Pan had even been willing to part with that necklace of his. Ethan now knew how important that necklace was to Peter Pan. It was priceless to him.

Everything was in a good state now.

Mr Cedric was stuck inside the mountain gate and couldn’t make any trouble, while everyone else he awakened listened to him and went back into deep sleep.

Ethan hadn’t lied to them. Besides spending time with his wife and child every day, he invested the rest of his energies into studying the Extreme Fist Technique Manual.

It took complete understanding of the etches on this manual to realize how powerful and terrifying these etches really were.

Thankfully, he had Peter Pan by his side, so he could ask him at any time. Peter Pan’s temper wasn’t the best, but on account of his daughter, he was still considered quite cooperative.

“These etches are called formation lines,” said Peter Pan in annoyance. “Back then, Broken Soldier had grasped how to use them. But he was too kindhearted and trusted others too easily. Otherwise, how would an idiot like Greedy Wolf have killed him?”

“Formation lines?” said Ethan. “What do they do?”

“You could consider them a way of describing things. Or at least that’s how Broken Soldier explained it to me. I don’t really get it either.”

“I think he was saying that the main components of all things in this world are made from various combinations of formation lines, or something like that. I’m not very sure either. If I understood all this, why would I need you?”

Peter Pan waved his hands about. He didn’t know how to explain any of this. That stupid Broken Soldier had explained everything in such a complicated and abstract manner. He didn’t have the kind of patience to study something so complex.

Just then, he heard the sound of Kye coming out, so he happily went to see her instead.

“Something that describes the foundation of all things?” Ethan was contemplating this when he suddenly remembered something that Professor Enoch Aronnax had said before.

He went looking for Enoch, and also went to various parts of the world to talk to everyone who had information on this matter to understand it better.

Time went by.

Ethan’s life was simple, but not routine. It was peaceful but not boring. In fact, it was a lot more wholesome than he had ever been.

He was slowly beginning to understand what these formation lines were. After doing some experimentation, he had also grasped some tricks to using these lines, and had finally made some headway.

This was truly an incredible mystery.

The Extreme Fist Technique Manual had left behind an incomparably powerful method of boxing, but these etches were what truly made this manual valuable.

Ethan spent more and more time on studying these etches. He had to fully understand these formation lines.

At the Extreme Martial Arts Academy.

Ethan spent half a day here on a daily basis to study these formation lines inside the practice room. He continuously conducted experiments to prove his hypotheses.

After a long while, he opened his eyes.


He used both hands to draw lines in the air. He drew several formation lines that seemed very complicated very quickly, so they were done in the blink of an eye.

Immediately after that, the air started trembling and rippled as water suddenly poured down from nowhere.

If someone was here to witness this, their eyes might have popped right out of their sockets in shock.

What on earth was going on?

Ethan had literally created water from nothing!

“These are the formation lines for water.”

Ethan was very calm. This wasn’t his first experiment.

He had tried everything from water to fire, to rocks and many other items, and had varying amounts of success. This had helped Ethan to fully understand what formation lines really were.

These were like the basic strokes that made up Chinese characters. The formation lines on the nine pages of the manual were like nine different basic strokes. When put together in different combinations, a different Chinese character would be formed.

But these lines were even more amazing than Chinese character strokes. These lines could form all things on this earth!


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