Billionaire God of War Chapter 2289

Chapter 2289

“I don’t want Master to go! Master, don’t go, ok? Princess will listen to you! If you want Princess to learn martial arts, Princess will learn martial arts! Princess isn’t afraid of hard work! I’m really not afraid!” Kye suddenly started bawling loudly, as if she was going to lose the Master who doted so dearly on her in the next minute. Her eyes were all red from crying.

“Oh my goodness!” Peter Pan couldn’t bear to see her cry at all.

He had never been afraid of anything all his life. Even when he was faced with a strong enemy, he enjoyed the fight.

But when he saw his precious disciple cry so hard, he really felt the pain inside.

For the first time in his life, he felt that he really should find a way to keep living. The best would be to watch Kye grow up and remain by her side to protect her forever.

“Master needs to rest. Princess, be good and let your Master rest, alright?”

Ethan carried Kye up. When she heard her father tell her to let the old man rest, she didn’t insist on making him play with her but nodded obediently instead. She pulled her arms around Ethan’s neck and said, “Master, rest well, Princess won’t disturb you.”

Peter Pan sat on the bed in a daze as he watched Ethan carry the little girl up. He started to feel a little upset inside.

This separation was bound to happen sooner or later.

He waved his hand and Brother Geoff came in with some of the wolves.

“Esteemed senior.”

“You boys.” Peter Pan glanced at them. “Kneel down.”

Brother Geoff and the rest immediately got down on their knees.

“Call me Master,” said Peter Pan.

Brother Geoff and the rest looked at each other before shouting out respectfully, “Master!”

Over the past three years, Peter Pan hadn’t taught Kye a single thing and just played with her to make her happy. But when it came to the wolves, he was so strict that even Ethan was shocked.

He had taught and guided them personally so as to pass on everything he had learnt to the wolves. But he had never acknowledged that he was the wolves’ Master.

But today, he wanted them to call him Master. He definitely deserved to be their Master.

“I, Seven Kill, swore to never take a disciple. But now I’ve broken my vow. I’m going to die either way, so I don’t care anymore.” He said to the wolves, “Humph, you’re a group of slow and clumsy fellows and you’d probably never surpass me in your lifetime. BUT!”

A fierce glint flashed in Peter Pan’s eyes. “If you don’t try, how would you know?”

“I don’t care who Ethan is to you, or what you think of Kye. But over here, she’s my most senior disciple, and all of you are juniors to her! She’s your Senior Sister, you hear me?”

“Yes, Master!”

“No matter what happens, all of you must protect her! Do not let her get even the slightest bit hurt! Do you hear me?”

“Yes, Master!”

“If my precious disciple has been bullied and all of you didn’t do a good job in protecting her, then even if I’m dead, I’m going to rise from the depths of hell to teach all of you a lesson. DO YOU HEAR ME?”

“Yes, Master!” shouted the wolves in unison.

Even if Peter Pan didn’t instruct them to do any of this, they would definitely do their utmost to protect Kye. His words made them feel even more emotional.

It was as if he was giving out his final instructions before dying. After he had said all this, Peter Pan’s face immediately looked a little more tired than before.

He waved his hand for the wolves to get up, then looked at them and grinned. “Actually, you boys aren’t too bad, and you’re all very interesting. You’ve really added a lot of fun to my life.”

“But it’s a pity,” sighed Peter Pan. “If I had a few more years to live, I could teach you a few more moves.”

“I know that all of you are men who refuse to bow to your destinies, and you’re all men who dare to fight the will of heaven. Guess what? I’m like that too!”

He laughed heartily, then stared at the wolves fiercely. “All of you had better remember this well. You’re all disciples of mine, so you’ve got to fight! Even the heavens!”

“Even if a deity refuses to listen to you, you would dare to wreak havoc for him anyway!”

The old man was full of vigor and confidence.

He was like a beast that could still command a terrifying presence that frightened everyone in the world even though he had reached his limit.


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