Billionaire God of War Chapter 2291

Chapter 2291

None of them would have had to go into deep sleep and wait for decades or even centuries, if they could find that pond easily. Even someone as scheming and intelligent as Mr Cedric had not been able to find it. That went to show how mysterious this Longevity Pond was.

It was really hard for the wolves not to worry.

Life now was calm and blissful. Ethan had a child now, so they really didn’t want him to endanger himself.

“Big Boss, we’ll go!” said Brother Geoff suddenly. “Let us go instead! You just need to tell us what to do, and we’ll find it!”

“That’s right! We’ll do this to repay our Master! We want to try and save him too! Let us go look for it instead!”

“We’ll go! I’m not scared of anything! Even if you want me to go to the lowest level of hell, I’ll dare to go!”

All of them started shouting.

Ethan took one glance at them and shook his head.

“You guys can’t go,” he refused them flatly without hesitation. “None of you understand formation lines, so you will only lose your way inside the passageway. If that happens, then you won’t find anything and you won’t be able to come back out either. That’s worse.”

“Mr Cedric dared not go in by himself back then precisely because he was afraid of this happening.”

That passageway was like a forest that nobody knew where it started and where it ended, or how big it really was. It was constructed entirely from formation lines, so it wasn’t wrong to say that it was an endless dimension.

After all, as long as the formation lines continued, it was still part of the passageway.

If one were to enter such a place to look for the Longevity Pond, then one had to know exactly which direction to take. Otherwise, once you were lost in there, you could forget about ever coming out again.

Ethan had a very deep understanding of formation lines now and knew how they worked. But the more he studied these lines, the more wary he became. But he also became very curious to find out who the person who created the technique manual was, and who came up with these formation lines.

Broken Soldier had grasped them after studying those lines. So who was the one who started all this in the first place?

If someone as powerful as Broken Soldier had become powerful from learning the technique and formation lines from the manual, then how terrifying must the person who created these things be?

And if that person were still alive…

Ethan dared not think any further. This question was way too frightening to think about.

“I’ll go,” said Ethan.

“Big Boss!”

“That’s settled then.” Ethan’s word was final. “I need people to look after Greencliff. Peter Pan is no longer able to do that, so all of you have to help me to guard this city.”

Brother Geoff opened his mouth but Ethan shook his head and stopped him from saying anything.

“Don’t forget, you don’t only have Peter Pan’s instructions to take good care of Kye. I also need you guys to help me protect and keep Greencliff in check.”

“All of you have been Greencliff’s guardian angels all these years, and this responsibility will only increase as your prowess increases. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Big Boss!” the wolves replied in unison.

They really wished they could go with Ethan, but it was true that Greencliff needed to be guarded. Peter Pan was now very weak and needed their protection as well. So if they left, then Greencliff would lose their strongest line of defense.

They could not afford for anything to happen to Greencliff.

This was Ethan’s home, so they couldn’t let anything happen to it.

They knew very well that searching for the Longevity Pond was an extremely dangerous journey, so if one wasn’t careful, one might die along the way. They were really very worried that Ethan was going to do this all by himself.

But Ethan’s word had always been final, and he had never made them worry about him.

Brother Geoff wasn’t sure if he should say anything. He knew that Ethan wouldn’t listen to him no matter what he said.

Everyone else had gone back.

Brother Geoff went to look for Ethan himself.

“I want to go with you,” he said very seriously.

“I already said that I can go by myself. It’s more convenient for me to work alone. Besides, all of you work as a team. You’re not very useful by yourself.”

Ethan turned him down again. He didn’t want Brother Geoff to take this risk with him.

He had an understanding of formation lines and was able to defend himself. If it was really too dangerous, he would just give up, but at least he wouldn’t be trapped inside. It was different for the wolves though.

If they were really trapped inside, then even if he tried looking for them, he might not find them either.


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