Billionaire God of War Chapter 2292

Chapter 2292

“But…” Brother Geoff wanted to tell Ethan that he had a family and many others close to his heart. These people needed him and didn’t want anything to happen to Ethan either.

But before he could say anything, Ethan waved his hands and didn’t let him go on.

“I’ve already decided.”

It was impossible for Brother Geoff to say anymore.

They had always listened to everything Ethan said, but this time, he really wanted to defy his orders because he really didn’t want anything bad to befall Ethan.

Moreover, they had studied under Peter Pan for three years and had improved greatly precisely to become of greater assistance to Ethan. Making them remain in Greencliff was driving them insane.

But then they also knew that Ethan was doing this for their own good. And that made the wolves feel even more ashamed of themselves.

They weren’t children anymore, so how could they always make Ethan be the one to stand in front of them and weather all the storms on their behalf?

“Alright then.” Brother Geoff gave up. He knew that nothing he said now would make a difference.

He watched as Ethan left to make preparations, then returned to Peter Pan’s room and knocked on the door quietly.

“Come in.” Peter Pan’s voice was a little hoarse.

Brother Geoff walked in. “Master.”

Neither of them was used to this term of address, but Peter Pan didn’t tell Brother Geoff not to call him that either.

“What’s wrong?” He glanced at Brother Geoff. “He’s not willing to let you boys go with him?”

Brother Geoff nodded.

“Greencliff needs us to guard it. If we go along, then there’ll be nobody left to guard this city.”

For the past three years, Peter Pan was here, so they didn’t have to worry about anything. But now, Peter Pan’s health was deteriorating at an alarming speed and his prowess was on the wane. He even had trouble protecting himself from enemies, never mind anybody else.

Ethan had taken this into consideration, and that was why he wanted to make sure that highly skilled fighters were left behind to protect Greencliff.

“Tsk,” Peter Pan snorted. “This fellow is a really strange one. He always likes to shoulder everything on his own.”

He glanced at Brother Geoff. “What’s there to be afraid of? I’m not dead yet.”

“Give me a little time, I’ll make some arrangements.”

“Master?!” Brother Geoff’s heart trembled. “What are you going to do?”

“I can recover some energy to last me a while more. At least until all of you return from the Longevity Pond.”

The look in Peter Pan’s eyes was gentler now. He knew well that Ethan was going to look for the pond because of him. He didn’t like owing others, especially not Ethan, but he also wanted to keep living.

He wanted to watch Kye grow up and protect his precious disciple. If he couldn’t live much longer, then he would really have to bid Kye farewell.

If his health weren’t so poor, he would have gone with Ethan himself.

“Don’t worry, I know myself best.”

“I know that this fellow is going to look for the pond for my sake, and I’ll remember this favor. But that’s why I want to contribute too.”

“If you want someone to help you with something, then you’ve got to prove that you’re worthy of help first!” said Peter Pan.

“Yes, Master! Don’t worry, we’ll definitely find the Longevity Pond so that you can continue living.” Brother Geoff immediately straightened up. “Princess needs your protection too. She wouldn’t bear to part with you.”

The moment he mentioned Kye, Peter Pan immediately broke into a bright smile. His hopes and reason for living were all for the little girl’s sake.

“Alright then. Let me take a rest. Go out.”

“Ok.” Brother Geoff nodded and walked out.

Peter Pan took a deep breath, focused his energies and sat up.

“I’ve still got to use that method after all. Since I’m their Master, I’ve got to help my disciples out. I can’t possibly just let my disciples help me, right?”

He laughed to himself as the glint in his eyes slowly lit up. They looked like two stars shining exceptionally brightly in the dark night.


Ethan had begun to make preparations.

Everyone else knew about Peter Pan’s situation, and they knew that if they didn’t do anything, he was going to die very soon.


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