Billionaire God of War Chapter 2293

Chapter 2293

Peter Pan was way too old and his body had already started degenerating. It seemed impossible for him to turn back time, but since Ethan said that there was a chance to make it happen, everyone wanted to fight for that chance.

After spending three years together, everyone could see that the old man genuinely doted on Kye. Someone as kind hearted as Diane in particular, could see it clearly.

Besides her parents and grandparents, the next person who doted on Kye the most was Peter Pan. He never let her suffer any injustice or harm.

“Where’s Princess?” asked Ethan.

“She’s fallen asleep. She was so tired from crying.” Diane sighed.

Kye had cried from being too upset. She was young, but there were certain aspects of life that she could understand.

When she saw how much Peter Pan had aged and weakened, Kye seemed to realize something. She was still shouting for her Master even in her sleep and couldn’t stop crying. Diane was so heartbroken to see her like this.

“Is there really something we can do to save Peter Pan?” She looked at Ethan. Her expression looked a little crestfallen.

“There’s a chance,” said Ethan.

If he could find the Longevity Pond, then there was a chance. But he wasn’t sure what would happen even if he found it, so he could only hope that everything would go smoothly.

“I’ll give it a shot. Don’t worry. If there’s really nothing we can do, Peter Pan won’t blame us for it.”

“But Kye is still so young, and I really don’t want her to be so sad.”

Ethan’s heart ached when he recalled Kye’s crying face.

“Then you have to be careful.”

Diane was equally worried. Now that she had become a mother, she was even more worried about Ethan and afraid that his life would be in danger.

Even though she knew that her husband was an unrivaled hero and an invincible God of War, he was still just a man, a husband and now, a father.

“Don’t worry,” laughed Ethan as he pulled Diane into his arms. “Nothing will happen to me. Trust me.”

“Ok.” Diane nodded, but she was still very worried inside.

She just didn’t want Ethan to feel too much pressure.

Ethan made some simple preparations and left. He was going by himself, so he didn’t need to prepare too much.

The second spatial dimension was still within the mountain gate. Ethan didn’t want any battle to be fought in any other place, even until now.

He chose to drop by Evan’s first.

Evan had also been making preparations during this time. After he heard that Ethan was going into the mountain gate to open the passageway into the second spatial dimension and try to look for the Longevity Pond again, he knew that the day they had all been waiting for was here.

Over the last three years, he had been training himself every single day and pushed himself as hard as possible because he hoped that he could be of help to Ethan when this day arrived.

But Ethan didn’t intend to bring him in either.

“Master, I can be of help to you,” said Evan. “If you go in alone, I’d be really worried.”

“You have responsibilities to fulfill,” said Ethan with a laugh. “Minstrel Mount needs you. Guarding the outside of the mountain gate and to serve as its outermost layer of defense is the responsibility of the eight reclusive clans, so this place needs you more.”

“But you need someone too!” Evan started getting jittery. “You didn’t let Brother Geoff and the rest go with you, but you’re not going to let me go either? I’m your disciple!”

“I know how dangerous the passageway can be. One more person means twice the strength! I might be able to help you!”

Evan really didn’t want to watch Ethan take such a big risk, especially since he was headed for such a dangerous and completely unknown destination. It was true that Ethan was very highly skilled, but that passageway led to something that was only found in legends.

Peter Pan and the others had searched for the pond for several decades but couldn’t find it. How much danger would Ethan be in if he were to hunt for it himself?

“You have already helped me enough.” Ethan sighed. “Alright, that’s quite enough.”


“Don’t forget, your father was also my Master. I promised him to take good care of you, so that’s my responsibility too. So don’t say anymore.”

Ethan shook his head and didn’t want to go on. He looked towards the mountain gate and narrowed his eyes slightly. “Besides, Mr Cedric has waited for me for so long, so I can’t possibly disappoint him!”


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