Billionaire God of War Chapter 2294

Chapter 2294

Ethan had to save Peter Pan and he didn’t have much time. Finding the Longevity Pond had become a necessary journey now.

He didn’t want to see Kye so heartbroken. As a father, the one thing he could do was to make sure his child stayed happy and healthy. He was willing to pay any price to achieve this.

Evan’s eyes were slightly bloodshot. He really wanted to go with Ethan to help him and share the burden.

“You’ve already done a very good job,” said Ethan with a smile. “Doing a good job of what you are supposed to do is the best for all of us.”

“Got it, Master.”

Evan knew Ethan well and knew that once he had decided, nothing he said would change his mind.

After he was done talking to Evan, Ethan headed straight for the mountain gate.

“Master, I’ve always listened to you and I will listen to you in the future. But this time, I’m not going to listen,” murmured Evan.

He turned to look into the distance. “Brother Geoff, when are you guys coming? I’m still waiting!”


A bright gleam flashed within the mountain gate.

Ethan appeared from nowhere.

Liam now lived right next to the mountain gate. He was slightly surprised when he noticed some movement, but it was just Ethan.

Ethan had come a few times over the last three years just to ask him a few questions and went home after that. He never stayed for long inside the mountain gate.

Liam knew that Ethan was studying the secrets of the technique manual, but didn’t know if Ethan had managed to discover anything yet.

“You’re here.” Liam looked at Ethan. “What questions do you have for me today?”

He had put in a lot of effort to answer all of Ethan’s questions. If there was anything he didn’t know, he would ask others in his sect. If his sect members didn’t have any answers, he would go on to ask others.

He had run around a lot because of this, but he had helped Ethan to answer a number of questions, so it was worth it.

“I don’t have any questions to ask you this time.” Ethan sat down at a stone table without waiting to be asked and Liam poured him a cup of tea.

“Oh? So why are you here? I’m sure you’re not here to casually visit me.” He didn’t think that Ethan would rather spend his time visiting an old man than play with his daughter.

“I’m going to enter the second spatial dimension to look for the Longevity Pond.”

Liam’s hand stopped in midair and no tea came out of the teapot. He looked up at Ethan. “What did you just say?”

Ethan was going through the passageway to look for the Longevity Pond?!

That was going to be such a dangerous thing to do. They had talked about this before over the last three years. The last time they were already very lucky that nothing bad happened when they tricked Greedy Wolf into entering the dimension.

Setting up that trap was as good as walking on tightrope. Even Ethan shuddered to think about it.

If he had gotten any of the formation lines wrong, the consequences were too severe to even imagine.

“Peter Pan’s not going to make it.” Ethan sighed. “I have to save him.”

Liam didn’t say anything.

He knew about Peter Pan and he guessed as much. After three years, the aging process for someone who was already very elderly would only go faster.

Nobody could fight the will of heaven, and nobody could win a fight against time.

But now, Ethan was doing precisely these two things in order to save Peter Pan.

“As long as I can find the Longevity Pond, then he would have the chance to live a little longer. I don’t know if he can attain immortality and I’m not concerned with that now.”

Ethan shook his head. He didn’t really believe in such things in the first place. It was already incredulous to turn back time, and it was clearly defying the laws of nature.

It sounded like something from fantasy books, but Ethan was willing to give it a shot.

After everything he had experienced all these years, his understanding of the world had changed completely. The appearance of the technique manual had already transformed everything Ethan knew.

It had made him see much more, and much further.

“Do you have confidence?” Liam finally spoke up after a long period of silence. “Also, you’re going to do this alone?”


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