Billionaire God of War Chapter 2296

Chapter 2296

Greedy Wolf laughed rather cheekily.

He knew that this day would definitely come. Ethan wasn’t convinced by tough methods, but he was a very sentimental man. Of course, this could also turn out to be his greatest strength at the same time.

But there were two sides to every coin. Greedy Wolf had realized this after the last time he failed.

He didn’t understand Ethan in the past, but now he did.

“It’s a bit early to tell who will be begging who.” Ethan looked at Greedy Wolf. “Did you think you could see through me now?”

He shook his head.

Greedy Wolf walked out from the bronze coffin and stepped onto the surface of the lake. Ripples extended from beneath his feet as he headed straight for Ethan.

“I have no interest in understanding you.” He narrowed his eyes. “Since you’re all ready to go, then don’t waste anymore time.”

“It’s been three years. I’ve waited three years already, and I don’t have that much time to spare. Even that stupid old man who refuses to die, Seven Kill, is also running out of time.”

Greedy Wolf scoffed when he mentioned Seven Kill and looked like he didn’t care about the old man at all.

Ethan continued staring at him and didn’t say anything.

The two of them had hailed from the same era. If Seven Kill were to die, Greedy Wolf would feel lonely too. But of course, that would be how Ethan would have felt. If Greedy Wolf was the type who would feel lonely because of this, then he wouldn’t have thought of all means and ways to kill Broken Soldier, then severely injure Seven Kill and cause him to lose his memory.

“You know this right? Even if we find the Longevity Pond, only one of us can use it. I won’t let him use it.” Greedy Wolf laughed coldly. “So that means, when we find it, you still have to think of a way to kill me, right?”

“That’s right.” Ethan didn’t try to hide this from him. “It’s too hard to find the Longevity Pond without you, but once we find it, I must let Seven Kill use it. So if you want to fight me for it, I will have no choice but to kill you.”

He went straight to the point.

Greedy Wolf had never met anyone like this before. Ethan intended to kill him and told him straight in the face. Wasn’t he afraid that he would kill him right there and then?

He laughed and didn’t seem bothered at all.

Ethan couldn’t find the Longevity Pond by himself and needed him to go along. But similarly, he couldn’t find the pond without Ethan either. The two of them had to cooperate and work together.

Once they found the pond, they would go back to being competitors and fight each other to the bitter end.

How very interesting.

“Then you have to be prepared that I might kill you anytime,” scoffed Greedy Wolf.

He walked to one side with his hands folded behind his back. He had nothing but disdain for Ethan’s actions. Wasn’t he being foolish for throwing his life away for another person?

This man was so foolish. To him, this was an action beyond stupidity.

Ethan walked over to stand by his side. It was as if the two of them weren’t archenemies, and weren’t foes who were bent on wiping out the other in the near future. Instead, they looked like two old buddies who were going to fight a war side by side.

“Let’s begin. Stop wasting time,” said Greedy Wolf.

Ethan raised his hands and started drawing lines in the air. Formation line after formation line fell to the ground like countless centipedes. When they started crawling at the same time, it would make anyone’s hair stand on end.

In just a few moments, the ground suddenly shook and the scenery before their eyes changed in a split second, just like the last time.

The barren northern region had instantly transformed into a dense mountainous forest.

The sound of insects and birds could even be heard.

Both of them took a step forward at the same time and walked right in.

“You’re really incredible.” Greedy Wolf rarely complimented anybody, but he had to admit that Ethan was truly gifted. He had studied these formation lines for years, but couldn’t figure it out. He didn’t even know where to start. Ethan had only studied them for three years, and he could create passageways so easily already.

Perhaps Ethan was even more incredible than he imagined.

He glanced at Ethan. “Back then, Broken Soldier possessed the same gift. It was too bad that he was a bit dumb.”

He was implying that Ethan was smarter than Broken Soldier.

Ethan didn’t think that Greedy Wolf was complimenting him.

“Lead the way.” He didn’t want to waste time on useless chatter.

Seven Kill couldn’t hold out for that long, given his rate of deterioration. If he took too long, then it would be too late to save him even if he did really find the Longevity Pond.


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