Billionaire God of War Chapter 2298

Chapter 2298

Ethan knew that Greedy Wolf was just testing him and wanted to know if there was anything different between the last time he came into the passageway and now. To put it simply, after not seeing Ethan for three years, Greedy Wolf still didn’t truly understand Ethan and needed to find out more.

But there was no way Ethan was going to let Greedy Wolf get his way so easily.

Greedy Wolf had been in deep sleep for the past three years, so nothing much would have changed about him. But he was still a force to be reckoned with.

He knew how terrifying Ethan’s gifting was, and was sure that Ethan must have improved a lot over the past three years. Ethan was already so powerful three years ago, and he would be even more terrifying now.

How was he going to deal with Ethan if he didn’t try to understand him more now?

But it was clear that Ethan wasn’t that stupid and wouldn’t fall for Greedy Wolf’s tricks so easily. Instead, he started to get a better grasp of what Greedy Wolf was capable of.

“You want me to choose?” Greedy Wolf snorted, turned to look at the passageways and stretched his hand out. “Then we’ll go this way.”

He pointed to one side.

Ethan peered in the same direction and didn’t discover anything special about the two roads. Even though one supposedly led to life and the other to death, he couldn’t tell which was which.


He didn’t object because he couldn’t anyway.

Greedy Wolf didn’t say anymore and started walking. Ethan followed him without a word.

Both of them had their own opinions on the matter, but neither would say them out loud.

Greedy Wolf could sense that this passageway was more dangerous, and it could very well be the one that led to death.

He had purposely chosen the more dangerous one to see what sort of reaction Ethan would have. But in the end, Ethan hadn’t even flinched.

One walked in front and the other walked behind. The environment around them slowly began to change as the dense forest seemed to look more sinister now. The moisture level of the air had gone up significantly.

Ethan walked along as he continued to observe the changes in the environment around him keenly and also kept watch on Greedy Wolf. They hadn’t found the Longevity Pond yet and Greedy Wolf supposedly still needed him around, so he probably wouldn’t do anything to harm him. But who knew what Greedy Wolf was thinking about?

He looked at his surroundings and his eyes were like an x-ray as they broke down everything to its very fundamentals. He used his understanding of formation lines to analyze how they were constructed.

“It’s simply too complicated!” thought Ethan in his heart.

It seemed like the formation lines on the Extreme Fist Technique Manual alone weren’t enough to comprehend these.

“Could it be that the formation lines on the manual is only one part of it?”

If that was the case, then that would really be terrifying.

Ethan didn’t think further along this line of thought. It was not the time to think about such things.

He walked on very slowly, and Greedy Wolf walked equally slowly in front of him. Greedy Wolf was being just as cautious as Ethan. After all, if one wasn’t careful in a place like this, you could end up dead!

The two of them were very powerful, but they didn’t dare to be careless either.

Suddenly, they heard something that sounded like the roar of a beast. Ethan’s expression altered slightly as he twitched his ears. He could sense that there were people coming their way.

That was certainly the sound of footsteps.

And there was more than one person!

Greedy Wolf had heard the footsteps too. His eyes narrowed as they glinted. He was a little shocked, but he was also gleeful.

“It really exists!” he couldn’t help exclaiming. “Looks like we’ve gone down the right passageway!”

Ethan glanced at him, then looked at all the figures that kept emerging from the forest. It was hard to imagine that there would be people in this passageway.

But there seemed to be something strange about them.

“Why are there people here?” he asked as he looked at Greedy Wolf. Greedy Wolf definitely knew the reason.

“They’re all a bunch of dead people,” said Greedy Wolf. “They are the undead!”

“The undead?” Ethan was thoroughly shocked.

Good heavens.

He looked at them and noticed that they weren’t wearing clothes from the current era.

“This is a passageway to life and death. Because there’s life, there’s death. Otherwise, why would a Longevity Pond exist?”

Greedy Wolf was getting rather excited. Once he saw these undead people, he was sure that the Longevity Pond existed.

This passageway had control over one’s life and death, and it was even a place where the dead could come to life.

The Longevity Pond was definitely in here!


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