Billionaire God of War Chapter 2300

Chapter 2300

It was as if one ran into army ants in the desert. The sound of their teeth grinding could really make one’s scalp feel numb.

“Hurry! Let’s go!” yelled Greedy Wolf loudly. Even he felt that these people were frightening.

He dodged them as quickly as possible, avoiding any contact or fight with the undead. If they slowed him down in a fight, he would be in big trouble.

Ethan followed behind him and felt rather shocked. The route that Greedy Wolf had taken and the way he nimbly avoided all the attacks from the undead was considered the easiest way out.

He had noticed that there was a glint in Greedy Wolf’s eyes that kept flashing. His eyes seemed to be able to see his surroundings in its entirety before making the best judgment of the situation.

This wasn’t just something he was gifted with.

Ethan had seen his fair share of gifted people. But he had never seen anyone with such an ability. But since Greedy Wolf was one of the top three fighters of his time, he couldn’t be any ordinary man either.

He followed Greedy Wolf closely and came out from the mess of undead people in no time.

There were still footsteps trying to chase after them, but the two men moved at speeds way too high for these dry and stiffened zombies to catch up with.

“Gosh, what a relief.” Ethan looked at Greedy Wolf. “I didn’t think you were this formidable.”

“Why? Have you underestimated me?”

His eyes looked the same as before and there was nothing different about them. “I wish you would continue to underestimate me.”

Ethan just smiled without saying anything.

Why would he have underestimated Greedy Wolf?

He had never underestimated Greedy Wolf. The reason why Greedy Wolf had become one of the top fighters of his time wasn’t just his martial arts ability. It was also the extent and depths of his schemes.

This was a man who would rise to the top of society regardless of which era he was born in. Anyone who took him lightly would end up paying a high price for doing so. But it was clear that Ethan wasn’t going to make such a mistake.

“Once that mist touches you, it will suck your soul out and you’d become an undead. Nobody can escape it,” said Greedy Wolf. “I really don’t know who created this sort of mist. How very profound.”

Ethan remembered how Greedy Wolf had created the mist in the northern region the last time. His mist didn’t have such damaging properties, but all the other sects sincerely thought it did.

Since Greedy Wolf could come up with something like that, it meant that he did know a thing or two about the mist. Ethan was sure of that.

It wasn’t easy to see how much more powerful Greedy Wolf could really be in a fight. Now that they were moving through the forest together, Ethan felt more and more strongly that it was truly difficult to predict or read Greedy Wolf.

Still waters really ran deep.

“Where do we go now?” asked Ethan.

The forest ahead was just overgrown with trees and shrubs. There was no clear passageway.

Greedy Wolf glanced at him and said in an annoyed voice, “I’m the one who should be asking you that. If I could find the Longevity Pond all by myself, why would I need you?”

“I could say the exact same thing back to you,” replied Ethan.

If he could find it himself, he wouldn’t have chosen to partner Greedy Wolf.

The two of them stared at each other, then scoffed at the same time.

Greedy Wolf didn’t say anymore and just looked around at the forest before him. It was as if he just needed his eyes to analyze everything around him. But it didn’t seem to produce any results.

“There are a number of trees here that aren’t real,” he said. “We’ve got to avoid all these smokescreens.”

Greedy Wolf pointed at one of the trees. “Like that one over there. It’s not a real tree.”

Ethan looked at that tree and used formation lines to analyze it. That tree was indeed a fake tree, and it was even hiding a trap that could kill them.

If they touched it by accident, their surroundings would change instantly and nobody would be able to escape from here.

He had made use of formation lines, but Greedy Wolf spotted it with just his eyes.

“Why don’t you just tell me which way to go?” said Ethan. “Even if you explained things to me, I wouldn’t understand.”

Greedy Wolf scoffed and knew what Ethan was implying. He couldn’t be bothered to even talk to Ethan. Both of them were wily old foxes with their own opinions, and neither was going to come clean with the other.


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