Billionaire God of War Chapter 2301

Chapter 2301

Greedy Wolf continued walking ahead while Ethan followed in his exact footsteps.

He made sure that the weight of his steps, the direction and speed were identical to Greedy Wolf’s. If Greedy Wolf wanted to kill Ethan, then he would end up killing himself in the process. Besides, Greedy Wolf knew very well that Ethan could discern the passageway too. It was too difficult to trick him.

Furthermore, until they found the Longevity Pond, he still needed Ethan to stay alive.

The two of them covered a long distance but didn’t run into any dangers at all. This was highly abnormal.

Greedy Wolf had chosen a road that was supposed to lead to death and he knew that the passageway wouldn’t be too smooth. But now, besides running into the undead, they hadn’t run into anything else.

He started to feel like something was amiss.

His footsteps slowed down and his expression became more and more serious.

“What’s wrong?” asked Ethan as he slowed down as well.

“Something’s wrong,” said Greedy Wolf. “Don’t you think our journey here has been a little too smooth?”

“Maybe it’s because you’re really amazing and you’ve avoided all the dangers lurking here.” Ethan looked at him.

Greedy Wolf scoffed. He didn’t think Ethan’s compliment was genuine.

“You’d better keep a lookout. It’s impossible for this passageway to be so smooth. If it were so simple, there wouldn’t be such a large population of undead people.” Greedy Wolf stopped walking. “I just sense something wrong somewhere. We’ve got to be careful.”

Ethan didn’t speak anymore and continued to follow behind Greedy Wolf. If there was any danger ahead, Greedy Wolf would face it first since he was in front. He just needed to be on guard against Greedy Wolf at all times.

Greedy Wolf shared the same sentiments, but unfortunately Ethan was more shameless about it and insisted on being at the back, which greatly annoyed Greedy Wolf.

He had no choice but to give in because he needed Ethan to find the Longevity Pond. He knew that Ethan had grasped the use of formation lines and that would definitely come in handy. Broken Soldier had grasped these formation lines back then and had been able to successfully enter this passageway and made it back out safely too.

But Broken Soldier had not been interested in the Longevity Pond at all. He only brought a bottle of the water out with him and hadn’t used the pond itself.

Greedy Wolf simply couldn’t understand why. He just felt that Broken Soldier was really stupid.

His footsteps were very slow as he continued walking deeper into the forest. Ethan was behind him and walking even more slowly. The careful look on his face made Greedy Wolf terribly pissed but he couldn’t talk about it either.

Ethan wasn’t guarding himself against the surroundings. He was clearly guarding himself against Greedy Wolf!

“Wait!” said Ethan all of a sudden.

His expression shifted and became more solemn.

“Something’s coming!”

Greedy Wolf was also on high alert.

A rustling noise came from afar. They didn’t know what it was but it was coming at them at top speed!

“Is it those undead again?”

“No, it isn’t!”

Just as he said that, a huge layer of black mist emerged from the depths of the forest. The smell of death in that mist made one’s mood instantly depressed.

Ethan and Greedy Wolf both shouted, “Let’s go!”

Everything that this mist touched was instantly swallowed up. It was even more terrifying than the mist that turned humans into zombies.

At least the undead still had their bodies somewhat intact. Anything that touched this black mist would disappear into thin air.

The scariest part was that this black mist seemed to be alive and was sentient. The mist headed straight for Ethan and Greedy Wolf, as if it was targeting the two men.

“Hurry up!” roared Greedy Wolf. He suddenly sped up and disappeared in an instant.

Ethan cursed at him, but before he could get anywhere, the black mist instantly surrounded him from all directions.

He had no way to escape!

He quickly threw a punch and used the force from the punch to create a gap in the mist. But before he could take a step forward, the mist covered the hole and surrounded Ethan again. The mist seemed bent on swallowing Ethan up!

Ethan continued punching and punching to force the black mist around him to go away, but he was still unable to get out.

“HAA!” He gave a low shout and threw a series of punches in quick succession before making another gap in the mist.


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