Billionaire God of War Chapter 2302

Chapter 2302

“Come out! Hurry!” shouted Greedy Wolf.

But immediately after Ethan’s punch had created a gap, the mist quickly patched it up and didn’t give Ethan any chance to escape.

The black mist seemed to have intelligence and knew what Ethan was trying to do, and that’s why it quickly cut off Ethan’s escape route again and again.

Ethan didn’t stop punching. The black mist kept coming nearer and nearer to him from all directions, so the amount of space he had left was getting smaller and smaller.

He could already feel some of the black mist brush past him and corroded his clothes. It nearly touched him.

“Hurry up!” Greedy Wolf didn’t think that this black mist would be so difficult to deal with. He had been lucky to dodge it, but there was no way he was going back in there to save Ethan.

But if Ethan died, then it would be hard for him to find the Longevity Pond.

Nobody knew what other strange things lay on the passageway ahead. Everything he had heard about was already terrifying enough. There were probably even more terrifying things in here, but nobody who saw those things had lived to tell the tale.

The undead and this black mist had proved that the road to the Longevity Pond was definitely no smooth road. It was more likely for one to die along the way instead.

He watched as Ethan continued to be surrounded by the black mist and figured that Ethan probably wouldn’t be able to survive this. He started wondering if he ought to proceed further in, or to exit the passageway. But how was he going to do that?

That meant he would have to go back the way they came.

Suddenly, the black mist seemed to have been terrified by something. It let out a howl and started flying away, as if it had run into something very horrifying.

The mist was running away!

Greedy Wolf looked shocked and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The black mist was actually running away!

A punch exploded.

The incredible wind caused by the impact of the punch made the air look whitish as it scattered the black mist in an instant.

The mist sounded like the howl of a beast and it sounded so terrified. Before Greedy Wolf could wrap his head around it, the black mist flew back where it came from and disappeared.

Ethan took a deep breath as he remained standing there. His face was slightly red. It was clear that this last punch had consumed quite a bit of his energy.

His gaze was ferocious and a murderous aura filled the entire place.

Even Greedy Wolf couldn’t help but feel somewhat fearful too.

“The black mist is alive,” said Ethan.

“How did you do that?” Greedy Wolf couldn’t help but ask.

He couldn’t think of how Ethan could have possibly escaped that attack. He had even thought about how he was going to leave this passageway and look for another chance in the future.

But Ethan had literally punched the black mist away.

And what was that about the black mist being alive?

Greedy Wolf had a bewildered expression on his face. He had studied all this for so many years, but there were still too many things in this passageway that he didn’t understand.

“No idea.” Ethan shook his head. He wasn’t lying.

He seriously had no idea. He just felt that the black mist had life in it. And after he was surrounded by the black mist, it didn’t try to corrode him, but it tried to bite him into very tiny pieces.

He looked at Greedy Wolf. “You mean you didn’t take a good look?”

Greedy Wolf’s expression changed slightly upon hearing this and he scoffed. “You couldn’t feel it, so how could I see it?”

He didn’t say the word ‘see’ as loudly as the rest, as if he was trying not to use this word.

Ethan didn’t say anything. He just regulated his breathing, then started walking again.

It was best not to stick around in such a dangerous place.

Since Ethan didn’t go on talking, Greedy Wolf scoffed and caught up with Ethan to keep going deeper into the forest.

It hadn’t taken them too long to run into two crises, the undead and this black mist. Even Greedy Wolf, who was already mentally prepared for all these things, really didn’t dare to take anything too lightly.

The passageway in the second spatial dimension was indeed fraught with danger. There were a lot of records left behind in those legendary papers.

But everything recorded were the things that others had been through and survived it, so they weren’t really all that dangerous.


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